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A Guide to Aircon Repairs in Singapore



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In Singapore, a common aircon problem would be central aircon breakdowns, especially during heat waves. Hiring aircon repair service will usually take several days and such aircon services often cost a few more hundreds. But in case you’re comfortable around electricity, you can do the aircon servicing yourself- which would only take around two hours and a few dollars.

Here are some aircon maintenance tips that you can do yourself, which solves common aircon problems such as “no cooling” and “low cooling” .

You will need aircon repair tools such as a multimeter, an assortment of screwdrivers, a socket set, and a voltage sniffer. If these aircon repairs do not work, at least you would have solved the common aircon problems while the technician can fix other complex issues, for example aircon gas topup.




Firstly, follow the steps below to check the condition of the furnace to determine if you need to repair aircon coil.

Step 1: Set the thermostat to AC mode, and then lower the temperature setting.

Step 2: If the furnace fan isn’t running, try resetting the circuit breaker of the furnace.

Step 3: Check if the aircon condenser outside (the one that sounds like a fridge) and the fan are running. If not, follow the repair troubleshooting procedures shown below.





Before starting the aircon repair, the power should be completely turned off. To check, use an electric tester on the wires to confirm that power is actually off. If the aircon not cold or very little cold air, then you need to check on the following three things:

  1. Ensure that all the registers inside the house are opened widely
  2. Clean the condenser coils that are outside
  3. Ensure that the furnace filter is clean


The airflow may be reduced if the evaporator coil is iced which is caused by clogged filter or closed register. This problem can be fixed by opening the aircon register, change aircon filter. If this doesn’t work, then de-ice the A-coil and move thermostat mode switch to off from cooling and the fan switch to auto from on. The aircon blower should be left to run until there is a good airflow. If nothing changes after 12 hours, then the problem has to be fixed by professional aircon services.



You may need to repair aircon compressor If the condenser coils clogged due to possible shutdown caused by overheating. In such a case you experience minimal cooling periods that are intermittent with no cooling at all, make sure the condenser coils are routinely cleaned and if it still doesn’t work after replacing the filter and opening the supply vents, then follow these steps to repair aircon not cold problem:



A blown fuse is a sign that you need to repair internal condenser unit, therefore you should locate and replace the faulty aircon unit.

Step 1: Set the multimeter to the lowest scale- Ohms

Step 2: Touch the black and red leads into the opposite ends of every fuse

  • If you see a numerical reading, then the fuse is good
  • If the reading is negative, infinite or zero that is an indication that the fuse is blown

Most disconnected blocks have two cartridge fuses, check them before proceeding to repair.



Step 1: Make a short between Herm and Common terminals

Step 2: Make a short between Fan and Common terminals

Step 3: Follow the electrical conduit from the house to get to the access panel

Step 4: Check if there are nests for rodents, to determine if the electrical connectors and wires have been chewed.

Step 5: If the wires are not chewed, you can ignore Step 5 and continue to Step 6. If the wires have been chewed, first discharge the aircon capacitor, and then proceed to repair the wires first.

Step 6: Switch off the power and then remove the access panel, and continue to replace the parts.


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