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Simple Aircon Repair Tips for Every Household

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The warm and humid weather in Singapore can be extremely uncomfortable. This is due to the tropical climate here. Therefore, most households would have an aircon installed. If the aircon happens to run into any issue, you may find yourself a little uncomfortable. Though, it may be too expensive to keep calling an aircon repair company each time the aircon runs into a problem.

Before engaging an aircon company, here are a few useful tips to help you identify the problem and even prevent it from happening in the future. However, if the issues remain unresolved, do contact an aircon servicing company for professional help.


Clean Your Aircon Regularly

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A well maintained aircon can provide much better performance. Taking proper care of your aircon is recommended as it reduces the need for professional companies to repair the aircon.

A part of basic aircon maintenance is keeping your aircon clean. Check for anything that could be stuck on the aircon fan such as debris or fallen leaves. Any obstruction could limit the performance of the aircon

Next, the filter should be cleaned regularly. This reduces the chances of bigger problems such as an aircon breakdown. The filter should be cleaned at least once every 15 days. This could make the aircon not cold which is undesirable.

Lastly, the pipes are as important. A dirty pipe can be unhealthy as it may cause the cool air to be of worse quality. It is also vital to clean the fan blades and the condenser fins too. Do exercise caution as these parts are very delicate and may break easily. Do consult professionals who service aircons if you are uncomfortable to do the cleaning on your own.


Watch For Problems Caused By The Thermostat

You can also look out for problems caused by a programmable thermostat. Sometimes the problem could simply be caused by old batteries.

The battery may need replacement so that should be the first step. One tip to help manage the thermostat better are to ensure the temperature is always below the room temperature. Do check the aircon fan blower making sure the aircon unit is turned off before checking.

Sometimes ice may be accumulated inside the aircon causing it not to perform well. One thing that can be done is to wait for the ice to melt by turning off the aircon. Do leave the aircon turned off for a few hours to make sure the ice melts fully before turning it back on again.

These are some things that can be looked at regarding the thermostat before calling an aircon service provider.


Leaking Water Problem


Another common issue is the aircon leaking water. Calling a professional to fix the problem is the option many will choose but this can be done on your own as it is quite simple but do ensure to follow proper guides that shows this process step-by-step.  The main reason for this problem in Singapore is the difference in temperature as it can get excessively warm.

The first step is to consult an expert when you find that water is leaking from the aircon. They would advise you to check for any accumulated ice. The most important thing to do to ensure your aircon can last as long as possible it to take good care of it through maintenance.


Inspect the compressor


The whole system is regulated by the compressor. Any issues with the compressor may cause the aircon to run into issues.

The main problem most compressors face is ice build-up. To fix this, you must replace the contractor tube. Approaching an aircon servicing company is what most people would do but this can be done on your own so as not to incur any cost following the proper instructions along the way. Another alternative is to turn the whole system off from the meter box. Leave it turned off for a few hours to make sure the ice has melted before turning it back on again.


Do Not Forget The Ducts

The ducts also need to be cleaned. These ducts are located on the external aircon unit and are made of plastic. It tends to get damaged easily so do be careful when cleaning them when you find debris on them. As it can be difficult to access these ducts, you should contact a professional.




These are some basic tips to maintain your aircon while also saving some money. Do remember that if you are uncomfortable with doing it yourself you should contact a professional aircon servicing company. Do not hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore. Our professional team can advise you on the steps to take. To learn more about our services, feel free to visit our price list.



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