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5 Signs Your Aircon Needs Repair/Replacement



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Singapore weather is hot and humid, many people rely on their aircon every day to keep themselves cool- but most will forget to maintain their aircon. Ensure your aircon is well-maintained and learn to recognise symptoms of aircon repair. Not all signs of aircon repairs are obvious at first glance, so it is important to know and identify these common signs quickly to prevent an aircon emergency from happening.

  • External dirt on your aircon– Inspect your aircon unit for loads of dirt close to the outdoor unit. If there is a lot of dust and debris around your aircon, ensure you brush and dust your aircon regularly to keep it functioning longer. It may not be a serious problem now, but it may accumulate and result in having to repair your aircon in the future.
  • Aircon not cool– If you find your aircon not cold when turned on, that is an obvious sign that an aircon replacement is needed. Most times, the cause may not require a full aircon replacement and can be easily fixed by professional aircon services.
  • Increasing electricity bill– Another sign that your air conditioner is faulty is a spike in your monthly electricity bills, which is a nightmare for those who love energy-saving. Faulty air conditioners consume more electricity than normal, which will be highly costly over time. Ensure you monitor your electricity bill and contact aircon service company in case of unexplained spikes in your electricity bill, to find out if there are any underlying faults with your aircon.
  • Unnatural shutdowns – When your aircon shuts down unexpectedly and frequently, this is a clear indication of a faulty aircon. It may be caused by a faulty aircon circuit board or IT wirings. Be sure to have it checked by experienced aircon services.



  • Bad odours– Your aircon’s job is to purify the air, but when your aircon smells bad, you should call an experienced aircon repair company immediately. The smell may be caused by gas leakage, faulty aircon filters or mould growing in the unit. These problems may be harmful for your health so it is highly important to contact aircon servicing as soon as possible.

Calling a cheap and unexperienced aircon technician who does not solve your issue properly may cause you to increase your aircon service cost in the long run. Therefore, choosing quality aircon servicing is most important when finding an aircon service to repair your aircon.



If you notice any of these signs and are in need for aircon repair or consultation, you can contact Everyworks Singapore today. Our reliable and experienced technicians will carry out all your repairs needed with a service guarantee. You may refer to our price list to check out the various costs for every aircon services.


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This article was reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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