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How to Know If My Aircon is Leaking Water or Gas?

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How to Know If Aircon is Leaking Water or Gas

Knowing if your aircon is leaking water or gas can help prevent significant damage to your home. Moreover, it ensures that proper aircon servicing such as an aircon gas top up is conducted immediately on your residential or commercial/industrial aircon.

To provide you with assistance in case your installed aircon experiences a leak, here are ways to know when a unit is leaking water or gas and some other helpful guidelines.



What Is An Aircon Leak?

If a home or office aircon fails to undergo proper maintenance, damage can occur around different components. If the damage is the result of dirt build-up or clogging, the unit can begin to leak out water. But if it is the refrigerant tank that become damaged, then the coolant inside them can start to leak out and turn into gas.


Signs That Your Aircon Is Leaking Water or Gas

  1. Ice Build-up On The Evaporator: Layers of ice forming on the evaporator coils is a common sign of an aircon water leak or gas leak. This often results from a heavy decrease in the unit’s refrigerant levels. At other times, the evaporator coils may simply have accumulated dirt and need to undergo an aircon chemical overhaul or cleaning.frozen-evaporator-coils-aircon-leak-everyworks-aircon-servicing-singapore
  2. Water Build-up In Front of Aircon: Naturally, an aircon water leak caused by frozen evaporator coils or dirty aircon filters causes a heavy amount of water to build up in front of the unit. Thus, contact an aircon maintenance company immediately once you notice puddles forming near your aircon.
  3. Aircon Blows Out Hot or Warm Air: If you think that the aircon you installed is not blowing out enough cold air, it is possible that it might have an undetected aircon leak somewhere. In that case, have a professional open your unit for you so they can examine all the aircon parts for possible damage.
  4. Sudden Rise In Electricity Bills: Some people do not notice any damage on or within their installed aircon but experience a sudden rise in their electricity bills. Usually, this is a sign that the unit has an undetected water or gas leak.
  5. Strange Noises Coming From Aircon: Any strange noises which come from your Panasonic or Mitsubishi aircon are a possible indication that a gas leak is present. These noises tend to be produced as a result of a leaking compressor valve or a defect in the refrigerant tank.
  6. Unusually Sweet Scent: Fumes which are produced as a result of gas leaking from an aircon tend to result in an unusually sweet scent. Thus, it is important to have it attended to as soon as possible.
  7. Corrosion: Aircons tend to retain a large amount of water vapour especially when used in tropical climates. As a result, they experience corrosion which causes their copper tubing to turn grey, blue, or black. However, if you notice your drainage tray corroding as well, then it is likely that your unit has a water leak.
  8. Low Gas Pressure: Although low gas pressure is a rare occurrence, it can take place as a result of a lack of aircon cleaning and maintenance. Often, this problem leads to the unit leaking gas. As such, it is important to immediately have it resolved with an aircon gas top up.

Why Does An Aircon Leak Need To Be Attended To Immediately?


Certain Aircon Leaks Are A Major Health Hazard: Besides depriving you of aircon energy savings, gas leaks need to be resolved urgently since they contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) which makes them extremely dangerous to inhale. This is because doing so can lead to major health issues such as skin irritation, nausea, and even asphyxiation when large amounts are inhaled. As such, any gas leak coming from an aircon installation should be resolved as soon as possible by a reputable air conditioning service.

Some Aircon Leaks Are Environmentally Hazardous: Another reason why aircon gas leaks need to be resolved through an aircon repair quickly is the fact that they are a well-known environmental hazard. This is because they contribute to ozone layer depletion which in turn heightens global warming.

Decreased Comfort: Commercial and HDB aircon are meant to provide a refreshing atmosphere to a home or office. When a water or gas leak takes place within them, their ability to produce cool air is diminished and causes a decreased level of comfort.

High Electricity Consumption: Lack of regular aircon servicing can cause a unit to perform less efficiently. As a result, higher amounts of power are consumed which in turn leads to a significant increase in electricity bills.

Resolving An Aircon Leak Saves You More: Having an aircon leak resolved prevents other aircon emergencies from occurring as well. As a result, you are able to produce more savings than if you were to leave the leak unattended.

Delaying repairs for an aircon leak does not just cause an increased health risk and significant damage to your home and environment. As a matter of fact, it can cause the unit itself to become irreparable as well. To avoid having to purchase a new System 1 or System 4 aircon, immediately call a professional to resolve your aircon leak as soon as possible. That way, you can ensure that you are able to maintain a refreshing environment for your home or office.


What Can I Do While Waiting For My Aircon To Be Fixed?


While waiting for a professional to fix your leaking aircon, do not forget to turn off your unit so that any build-up of ice on the evaporator coils can melt. In addition, be sure to clean up any puddles of water to prevent damage to nearby home appliance products. By not forgetting to do these, you can prevent any other major inconveniences from taking place.


Why You Should Call Everyworks Singapore


If you happen to be experiencing an aircon leak, do not hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore to help you out. Our experienced and well-trained technicians are always ready to render any aircon service that you require. Furthermore, they can give you tips on how to make your unit function for a long time. See our price list for more information on our servicing costs.


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