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Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Leaking And How To Fix It

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Every homeowner knows that having a home or office aircon in Singapore is extremely essential. This is because it keeps your house ventilated and allows for a more comfortable and liveable atmosphere. That said, many fail to maintain their aircon regularly thereby resulting in issues such as a water leak. So here are some reasons for why an aircon water leak may occur and the ways on how to troubleshoot and fix them.


Air leak

Air leaks may cause water leaks when warm air entering the aircon fails to pass through the vent. When this happens, moisture will condense on the refrigerant coils, which causes water to seep out of the aircon unit.


Frozen Evaporator Coils


An aircon emergency such as a water leak can occur due to frozen evaporator coils. This takes place when air flow is reduced due to a malfunctioning air handler or damaged ductwork. To check if your coils have become frozen, open your unit’s front panel and see if a layer of ice has formed on them. If so, immediately engage with a professional aircon maintenance company to have the underlying cause of the problem resolved.


Damaged Drain Pan

The drain pan’s primary function is to store water which builds up due to condensation. However, it can eventually overflow and cause water to seep out from your aircon. Corrosion may also be a factor since the drain pan consists of iron thereby making it susceptible to rusting.

Whatever the cause, drain pan damage can result in an aircon water leak. This will not be easy to resolve on your own since the drainage tray’s location makes it hard to access. As such, it’s best to contact professional aircon servicing to help you out.


Clogged Drain Pipes


Clogged drain pipes work to release condensate from the drain pan. However, lack of proper aircon servicing can eventually cause them to become clogged. When this occurs, water collected in the drainage tray can overflow and leak out from behind the unit.

Resolving an aircon leak as a result of clogged drain pipes is not an easy task. Like drain pans, they’re not an easy component to reach. Thus, it’s best to have an aircon repair done by professionals to resolve the issue for you.


Blocked Air Filters


One thing which homeowners fail to do is maintain their aircon’s air filters. As a result, they often accumulate dirt causing airflow in the evaporator coils to become blocked. The coils themselves then start to freeze as well thereby producing aircon water leaks whenever they melt.

To prevent your air filters from accumulating dirt, make sure to clean and maintain your aircon at least every three months. That way, you can ensure that no aircon water leaks occur and that the air being released from your unit is clean and strong.


Improper Aircon Installation

If you have a relatively new aircon unit which is experiencing water leaks, then there’s a possibility that the aircon installation process may not have been done properly. Your unit may have been set up on an angled surface thereby making it difficult for condensate to drain. In addition, the seals may not have been properly fitted causing external warm air and the condenser’s cold air to meet. This results in condensation which in turn leads to water leaks.

If you think your aircon unit has been improperly installed, then it’s best not to resolve the issue on your own. Otherwise, you might end up damaging other aircon components. Instead, you should contact a reputable air conditioning service to do the job for you.


Low Refrigerant Levels


Refrigerants are essential even for modern aircons since they serve to release the warm air from inside the unit as cold air. But when they don’t have enough gas, water can eventually accumulate and leak out. Your unit may begin to produce a bubbling or hissing sound as well, which is a sign that the refrigerant itself may be leaking.

Low refrigerant levels can usually be resolved by way of an aircon gas top up. However, if the refrigerants themselves start to leak, then it may be best to contact professional aircon servicing to have them repaired.


Poor Aircon Maintenance

Like all other home appliance products, air conditioners require regular aircon servicing to function as needed. Thus, always make sure that it’s cleaned and maintained regularly in order to avoid any aircon issues such as water leaks. Otherwise, you may require constant aircon repairs which can be extremely costly.


Condenser Coil Leakage

The condenser unit acts as your aircon’s exterior unit and comprises major parts such as the condenser coil, compressor, and fan motor. Because it is situated outside, it is likely to accumulate numerous grime and dirt which can cause it to become blocked and eventually leak.

If you think your condenser coil is currently experiencing a leakage, then you may need to disconnect your aircon from its power source and dismantle its external parts. That way you’ll be able to access the condenser coils easily and wash off their dirt with a brush, cloth, and an effective cleaning agent. Should so much residue be present however, then it may be best to contact professionals to do an aircon chemical overhaul.


Broken Pump








A common reason for aircon water leaking is damaged condenser pump. The condenser pump is located below the cooling oil and pumps out water from the condenser pan. However, dirt buildup may cause it to malfunction. However, if the pump is clean, other components in your aircon may be damaged. You should also check if the power supply to the pump is not disconnected.

To confirm if your pump is working properly, check if there is water being released into the condenser pan. If there is no water in the pan, you should repair or replace your aircon condenser pump.


Outside temperature too cold

If there is a drop in outdoor temperature, typically during rainy seasons, your Daikin or Mitsubishi aircon may leak water if the components get frozen. These frozen components eventually leads to condensation, which makes the condenser pan fill with water quickly and potentially overflow.

To prevent this, you should wait for warmer weather before using your aircon again.


Fixing an aircon leak yourself








If you want to attempt repairing your leaking aircon yourself, here is a guide for you.

Using the right aircon repair tools and having the knowledge to repair your aircon leak yourself can help you save time and money. As dirt buildup is a possible cause of aircon water leak, you can clean your aircon regularly to prevent the issue from happening. Here are important things to take note of when cleaning an aircon yourself.

  • Disable your installed aircon and disconnect it from the power supply
  • Detach the aircon cover and inspect the vent where the air is sucked in. If the vent is clogged with dirt buildup, the cold air may be spreading to other areas, which caused the leak.
  • Inspect your aircon seals, especially around the vent and cooling sector to check for air leaks.
  • Check the condenser pump and pan for dirt buildup.
  • Use a wire brush to clean any dirt, dust and debris that have accumulated.
  • You may use a cleaning solution to fully remove any stubborn dirt which may be sticking to the vent, pan compressor and other parts.
  • Once you have finished cleaning your aircon, dry it properly to eliminate all moisture.
  • After reassembling your aircon, test it to ensure no more water leaks occur.










Aircon water leaks are an extremely troublesome problem. As such, it’s important that they be immediately resolved as soon as possible. Contact Everyworks Singapore to ensure that your aircon water leaks are resolved efficiently and professionally. That way, you’ll be able to have a cool and comfortable atmosphere once more.

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