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Types of Shower Heads In Singapore

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Shower heads are considered a necessity and are found in most if not all households in Singapore. In fact, there are abundant choices available to you in case you need to select a shower head for a shower replacement. By choosing the right one, you can improve how your bathroom looks and even conserve water.  With that, here are the different types of shower heads in Singapore which you can have your plumber install.


Fixed Shower Heads


These shower heads are installed with the shower arm protruding from the wall. As with most other shower heads, you only need to unscrew your old shower head before installing this model. However, make sure you do not put any weight on the shower arm while doing so to prevent it from breaking. Otherwise, you might need to engage a plumber to fix it.


Hand-held Shower Heads


Hand-held shower heads are attached to a long hose and also come with a cradle where you can put them when they are not in use. They can be used like a fixed head or as a hose for cleaning your tub, bathing kids & pets, and more. If you need help installing a hand-held shower head, you should find the best recommended plumber for the job. 


Water-saving Shower Heads


These shower heads are meant to help users save both energy and water while providing them with a comfortable showering experience. Because they are aerated, they can dispense strong amounts of water while actually minimizing their water usage. As such, they are highly the preferred choice for those with low water pressure. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes when hiring a plumber in case you need to install this type of shower head.


Dual Shower Heads


Dual shower heads are basically a combination of hand-held and fixed shower heads. There are many iterations of this shower head though it functions similarly to other models. They also come with additional features for different water dispensing modes. Contact a reliable plumber in case you wish to install this shower head type.


Slide-bar Shower Heads

Slide-Bar-Showerhead-shower-services-everyworks-Plumber-Singapore (1)

Slide-bar shower heads are wall-mounted and are easily adjustable. Many people prefer these shower heads since they can be used by anyone regardless of their height. They are also useful in situations wherein you only need to wash your hair and do not need to soap the rest of your body. When installing a slide-bar shower head, be sure to tighten it properly so as to avoid plumbing leaks.



These are only some of the different types of shower heads you can find in Singapore. If you are still unsure about which model to install, do not hesitate to contact us at Everyworks Singapore. Our team will be more than happy to clarify any doubts you may have regarding shower heads. To find out more about the services we provide, view our full price list.


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