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The Importance of Clean Aircon Filters

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Not only is aircon cleaning an important task, but there are many benefits of a clean and well-maintained air conditioner. In this article, we focus particularly on the importance of clean aircon filters. 

Filters are an important aircon part that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. This is because it is a critical component that plays a role in the longevity, comfort, efficiency, and effectiveness of the aircon. In fact, if you wish to maintain the performance of your newly installed aircon, you must inspect, clean, or replace the filters regularly. 

Changing filters is a simple DIY task.  But just to be safe it would be better to hire a professional aircon servicing company to do it for you. 


Problems of A Dirty Filter


Technically, dirty filters can reduce the overall performance of the air conditioner. In fact, It exerts extra stress on its cooling mechanism. When the air conditioner works harder to keep a room cool, it consumes more energy and reduces your aircon energy savings  Furthermore, it increases your household utility bills as well. 

Dirty filters can also cause an aircon emergency once the filters clog the evaporator coils.  When this happens, the evaporator coils get overheated and you might even see lumps of ice forming on them which can result in expensive aircon repairs and an increased risk of fire outbreaks. Moreover, dirty filters reduce the air conditioner’s heat exchange rate which can lead to an aircon not cold problem, thereby causing your aircon to require more time to distribute cold air. 


Benefits of Cleaning Your Aircon Filter


Here are a few benefits of maintaining a clean aircon filter. 

1. Green Environment

Excess energy usage from clogged air filters can pollute the environment and contribute to greenhouse gases and global warming.  Moreover, dirty air filters consume more energy and take longer to cool, signs which mean that your aircon needs servicing

Fortunately, frequent air conditioner cleaning can reduce the chances of clogged and dirty filters and improve the air conditioner’s energy efficiency by decreasing its rate of power consumption.  So make sure to clean your aircon filters on a regular basis and get them checked during your regular aircon servicing.

2. Improved Health

Filters have a direct impact on the potential occurrence of breathing disorders and lung disorders. As such, having clean filters can reduce your risk of experiencing allergies, asthma, and similar diseases.  So be sure to always keep the aircon filters dust-free and clean and conduct regular aircon servicing to maintain your aircon’s freshness. 

3. Cost Efficiency

As mentioned, clean filters help ensure that your air conditioner is energy efficient since it lowers the need for high energy output. As a result, you can cut down on your energy bills as well. 

To maintain your aircon filters, you can do your own aircon servicing or engage an aircon servicing company It is also recommended that you install a programmable thermostat as it allows automatic temperature adjustment and is energy efficient. 




These are only some of the benefits of maintaining clean aircon filters. Thankfully, cleaning your aircon filter is not a difficult task, and you can even clean your aircon filters yourself provided you have the right knowledge and aircon repair tools. However, if you would like to engage professional aircon services to do it for you, you can contact Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore.


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