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Facts and Myths About Normal Aircon Servicing

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Good aircon servicing is necessary to maintain your newly installed aircon. Although some may find it difficult to spend a single day without using an aircon, it is necessary that you take good care of it before it ends up needing an aircon repair. That said, there are various myths regarding aircon servicing that may make you think twice before engaging an aircon servicing company. These myths can give you misconceptions about the aircon servicing process which might cause you to have false expectations. 

Here are a few myths and facts about aircon servicing that will help you obtain proper servicing for your aircon.


Myth 1: If the unit is running, it does not require servicing.


This myth can cause common aircon issues to occur since it can lead to most people forgetting to maintain their aircon properly. When this happens, debris and dust might keep accumulating in the ducts and other parts of the machine. And If they are not cleaned on time, you may face an aircon emergency in the future.

Fact 1: Proper maintenance will make the aircon more energy efficient

Contrary to the myth that a running aircon does not require servicing, having your aircon serviced will actually make it more energy-efficient. When all parts are functioning properly and there are no problems existing, the unit will consume less energy thereby providing you with more aircon energy savings.


Myth 2: Location is not a priority when installing an aircon.

When it comes to installing an aircon, location plays an important role. You have to be very careful as placing the unit at the wrong place will make your aircon consume more energy which might cause you to have higher electricity bills. Furthermore, don’t make the common aircon installation mistake of placing your unit under direct sunlight or near any electrical devices.

Fact 2: An Aircon professional is the right person to choose your aircon’s location

You can contact any cheap aircon servicing company in Singapore to provide the right person to inspect your place and suggest the best area to install your aircon. By doing so, you can ensure that your unit does not consume more energy. A professional may also provide you necessary tips on aircon cleaning to keep your unit functioning well.


Myth 3: You only need to consider room size when installing an aircon.


The size of the room where the Aircon will be installed is only one of the factors to consider when choosing an aircon. You need to consider a lot more things, like the height of the room, the material with which the walls are made, the furniture in the room, placement of other electrical devices, size of outdoor devices and others. If you want to know more considerations before choosing an aircon, you can read this aircon buying guide.

Fact 3: Aircon servicing technicians consider many things when installing aircons.

Because aircon installations are not an easy job it is always best to engage an aircon service who can do the whole process for you. They can suggest the capacity of the aircon to be installed, provide you with a warranty on various services offered and also help you decide on the right place to install your unit. Moreover, booking an aircon service is simple and most companiesaircon servicing prices are highly affordable.


Myth 4: It’s better to just use a fan if your aircon is not cold enough.


Again, this is a confusing myth as all air conditioners are built to circulate air within any room at a higher speed. Though Most people tend to use a fan when their aircon is not cold enough, this only ends up increasing your energy bills. So instead of using a fan as a substitute, it’s better to contact aircon servicing professionals to find out why your aircon is not cold enough.

Fact 4: Keep the air conditioner under constant maintenance.

In order to enjoy the benefits of your air conditioner, it is necessary that you maintain and clean your aircon well. For instance, keep the fan inside the aircon unit clean so it will perform better. Moreover, you should not keep the aircon turned on throughout the day. Otherwise, pressure will be added on different parts of the aircon, which may cause issues such as an aircon water leak. It’s better instead to turn your unit off when it is not in use.


Myth 5: There’s no need to change your aircon’s filters.


This is a myth that may affect the performance of your air conditioner. It is highly important to maintain clean aircon filters as Dirty air filters stop the free flow of fresh air and put pressure on the compressor. So if your unit’s air filters happen to be filled with dust, opting for an aircon chemical overhaul is recommended. But if you’re unsure, It is best to confirm this issue during regular aircon servicing.

Fact 5: You should change your aircon’s filters regularly.

To let your aircon unit perform at its best, you need to replace aircon filters regularly. This will allow your aircon to function at its best potential. Fortunately, Aircon filter replacement is a common job that can be easily done by most aircon servicing companies. 

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