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Should You Repair or Replace Your Leaking Water Heater?

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There are many reasons why water leaks happen. When leaking water gets unattended, it damages your property, furniture, appliances, and other items. The worst-case that could happen is developing mold inside your home that affects your health. If you notice any water heater leak, repair it right away.


Others prepare DIY repairs to save them from spending from professional services. However, quick fixes may not be enough for most cases, and you may need a water heater replacement. Before you call experts or do DIY repairs yourself, know the different factors to reach out to professional water heater technicians.


When To Opt For Water Heater Repair


When you identify water heater leaks, there are ways to quickly fix them yourself. Some reasons for water leaks come from loose pipes from the joints. You can repair them with plumbing tape to stop the water from leaking. If other features in your brand new water heater loosen, like gaskets, you can always purchase and attach a new part. Call experienced and certified water heater plumbers for quality water heater repair solutions.


When To Opt For Water Heater Replacement

One of the things to note when buying storage water heaters is their lifespan. They could last for 10 years when properly maintained. If your more-than-a-decade-old water heater shows signs of water leaks, replacing it with a new one is the best and cost-efficient solution.  Not all water heater leaks mean you should replace your water heater with a new one. Professionals usually suggest a replacement when your water tank develops cracks or cannot repair the holes.

Is the color of your hot water changing? The water heater tank or attached pipes may have corrosion. A simple DIY fix may not be enough to solve your water heater problems. Purchase a new one for your living or commercial space and hire a professional to install your storage water heaters. While searching for the best replacement, consider installing an energy efficient water heater like Rheem water heaters.


Other Factors To Consider

Heavy Condensation

Condensation may happen on the exterior of your storage water tank, causing leaks on the floor. Usually, this happens when you have cold water inside the tank and a higher room temperature. It is one of the common water heater issues that you can quickly solve by removing or warming the stored water. Condensation is also one of the things to note during water heater installation to prevent problems during any water heater services.

Leaking Pipes


Water heaters distribute warm water through the pipes connecting to your bathtub, faucet, and shower. The high temperature and pressure may loosen the pipe and show signs of water heater failure through leaks. Most times, homeowners quickly notice the problem through the water spray. Water leaks are some of the common issues with storage water heaters. You can quickly stop the water from leaking when you tighten the pipes. If it does not work, drain the water and use plumbing tape. For long-term fixes, call water heater experts to avoid further leakage.


Damaged or Loose Gaskets

When you read the electric water heater guide and its elements online, you can find out how gaskets attach the heating element to the water heater. You may have a damaged or loose gasket when your old water heater leaks. You can simply solve the problem by replacing it with a new gasket or contact professionals if the problem persists.


Issues with Pressure Relief Valve

Does your temperature pressure relief (TPR) valve open frequently? There might be problems with your settings, water tank, or valve. Always note that the TPR valve opens when the temperature and pressure of the heater tank are above the safety limit. If you notice this problem, you need a certified plumber. Depending on your plumber’s suggestion, you can prepare for a water heater replacement or repair to solve the problems with your water heater.


Leaking Tank


If you have a leaking water heater, it might be coming for different parts. Contact an experienced plumber to find out the cause. The worst type of water leak is from the storage tank itself, caused by mineral deposits. With the increased pressure on the tank’s walls, cracks develop. Professionals highly suggest replacing your old water heater with a high-quality model from the popular water heater brands. After purchasing your new water heater, avoid new problems with proper water heater installation from certified plumbers.



When property owners find water heater leaks, they sometimes turn to DIY repairs to save money. The type of service you need depends on your water heater situation, which water heater technicians can quickly identify. Each type of instant and storage water heater have different designs and feature, but if your water leaks come from a loose pipe, tightening the pipe could stop the leakages. When your tank develops cracks, or your water heater is a decade old, you may need to install a new water heater. Choose the perfect one according to your space, needs, and budget by reading a water heater buying guide to find out to install storage vs an instant water heater. Then, call Everyworks Singapore for quality water heater installation services.



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This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.

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