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Common Issues with Storage Water Heaters



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Like toilet bowls and shower sets, storage water heaters can sometimes experience problems of their own. These can be greatly inconvenient as they prevent you from performing tasks which require adequate hot water. To know if your storage water heater needs to have a water heater repair done by a professional plumber, here’s a list of some common storage water heater issues:


Low Energy Efficiency

Besides water leaks, instant and storage water heaters can consume heavy amounts of energy. In fact, most models only use 60 percent of power to heat the water while the remaining 40 percent is vented out. In order to minimize the amount of electricity your installed water heater consumes, it’s best to place it in a conditioned area of your home.


High Power Consumption

Regardless of water heater brand, most storage water heaters can result in high utility bills when used constantly. This is due to the amount of energy they require to heat up the whole tank. To regulate the level of power your water heater uses, you can try controlling the two primary controls namely the “output” and “input” controls.

The output control helps to regulate heat retention. When not using your installed water heater, its best to disable this so as to preserve enough heat for future usage. Meanwhile, the input control adjusts how much heat is stored overnight. As a result, it plays a big factor in determining how much power is consumed once you turn on your bathroom or kitchen sink tap’s hot water valve. Turning down this control slightly can help to reduce your energy usage without compromising on the amount of hot water released from your water tap.


Decreased Performance

It’s usually normal for storage water heaters to perform suboptimally during freezing weather. However, if you experience a water heater failure even under normal temperature conditions, then you might need to replace your unit’s thermostat. Doing this can help you maintain consistent temperature at all times. But should such a method fail to resolve the problem, then your storage water heater might simply be too small for your home. In that case, have a reliable plumber replace the entire unit for you.


Inconsistent Water Temperature Levels


Like most bathroom faucets in the market today, many modern storage water heaters use an automatic room sensor to adjust water temperature. Moreover, this feature helps them to determine potential temperature levels in the coming days. However, if your hot water’s temperature seems somewhat inconsistent, then it’s possible that your unit might not have been waterproofed or insulated properly by the plumber you hired. If this is the case, then engage a recommended plumber to resolve the issue accordingly. You can also ask him to replace your unit with a manual storage water heater since this allows you more control over water temperature. You’ll also have a better chance of saving money on your plumbing.





After knowing the common issues most storage water heater issues face, you’ll be able to quickly determine when you need to have your unit repaired by a professional plumber. For professional and hassle-free servicing, simply contact Everyworks Singapore. Our crew of professionals can ensure that your water heater is set up without any problems whatsoever. For more information on our plumbing repair and plumbing installation services, feel free to view our price list.


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