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Most Popular Water Heater Brands in Singapore




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 Many Singaporeans tend to invest in a good water heater because nothing is more pleasing than a good shower after facing Singapore’s constant heat and humidity. constantly look for the best options when it comes to shopping for their household appliances.  As there are various types of water heater you can choose from, you will first need to know the difference between storage water heaters and instant water heaters, to see what fits your home best. While looking for a water heater, you should opt for highly durable and reputable brands. Which water heater brand should you choose? Here are the 3 most popular water heater brands Everyworks Plumber Singapore has compiled for you:  



The brand Ariston originated from Italy and is deemed as one of the top selling water heater brands in the industry. Produced by Ariston Thermo Group, Ariston water heaters are known to be energy-efficient and designed to ensure a luxurious shower experience. The latest Andris R series epitomises functionality and luxury that comes with a chic design conceptualised by Umberto Palermo, a famous designer based in Italy. The Andris AN30RAN15 LUX, and SMC33 instant water heaters are some of the most important water heaters from the stable of this manufacturer. These come with sophisticated and sleek designs. 




Joven water heaters are made in our neighbouring country, Malaysia, which started its operations in 1983. Some of the popular Joven storage water heater products include JVA 25 and JH35. The Joven water heaters remain a popular among Singaporeans as it is equipped with amazing features – Triple Safety System, High-Density Polyurethane Foam, and an adjustable thermostat.  



The Rheem company was set up in San Francisco, California in the 1920s. It has established a local manufacturing agency in Singapore that is known for making superior hot water heater systems that are eco-friendly and are designed to with the consumers’ best interest in mind. Rheem has come out with a number of storage and instant water heater equipment such as EHG30 and 85VP6S that come with powerful features such as over-heating safeguards in the adjustable thermostat, Pressure relief valve (PRV), CFC free polyurethane insulation, enamel tank protection, and immersion heating element. 

With so many water heater brands in the market, we have narrowed down 3 best-selling heaters in Singapore. If you are looking for more brands, we also are familiar with other well-known brands like 707Rubine, and Champs. See our full list of water heaters you can purchase from us for a water heater installationCall Everyworks Plumber Singapore and we will send down our highly skilled plumbers to your doorstep. For more information about us, you can check out our reviews and price list.  


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