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Things to Note During Water Heater Installation

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Water heaters have become a popular home appliance in Singapore because of the convenience of providing hot water. This comes in handy, especially when showering on cold rainy days or chilly mornings. When used over time, there could be signs that show your water heater is failing soon. You can choose between an instant water heater and a storage water heater to get installed by a plumber. Before that, here are a few things to note during a water heater installation. 











Ensure to identify and locate the place of installation 

For storage heaters, they are typically installed in the above false ceiling due to their large size and design. If this is not applicable, you can also choose to install the storage heater onto the wall with the help of a shelf bracket.  


For instant heaters, You can set up the water heater against a plaster or drywall, or even between studs in the wall. If the latter is chosen, you have to first spot the studs with a stud finder and then drill a hole between them. This is not easy unless you know what you are doing. You should engage a professional and reliable plumber to help you install the instant water heater. 



Check the water supply route 

Water is supplied to the water heater, and then either used immediately or stored, depending on the type of heater. To install water heaters, you have to route the pipes supplying water to it and ensure that it leads directly into the inlet, while the water pipe supplying to your home is attached to the outlet. Set up shutoff valves on both water supply lines close to the appliance and install a pressure-relief valve. Establish the final water connections to the outlet and inlet with union fittings before usage. It is recommended for this process to be done by a qualified plumber as it can be technically complicated. 










Test before using 

Do not start up the electricity lines, but only the water valves. Open the faucets in your home to get water running from the model for about 1 – 2 minutes. Shut the valves off. Get the inline filter off, generally found close to the inlet, and remove any debris you find. Test the appliance to ensure that it is properly functioning. 


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Ultimately, it is important for you to note these things during a water heater installation to minimise errors. Also, opt for the ideal water heater depending on its functionality and space you have in your home. Should you require plumbing services, call Everyworks Plumber Singapore to help you with it.  


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