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Signs of Water Heater Failure



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The invention of water heaters has brought convenience to many especially when it comes to taking warm showers. There are three types of heaters – instant water heaterstorage water heater, and a multipoint water heater. Since water heaters are used daily, it is important that you know how to identify water heater leaks to aid you through the water heater repair process. However, repair works might not always be the solution and a water heater replacement needs to be done by a plumber. Here are some signs you may notice when your water heater is failing: 









Rusty water  

A typical shower would have clear water coming out of your shower heads. When rusty water appears, it could be a sign that rusting is occurring inside your water heater. Another possibility for rusty water is the presence of rusty pipes. As such, you should engage a professional plumber to provide their water heater services which include inspecting the water heater and if need be, to replace it.  










Water on surface of heater 

It is uncommon for water to appear on the surface of your water heater. If that happens, it could be an indication of fracture or tiny leak in your water heater tank. It is possible for expansion to happen especially when the metal heats up, causing a fracture, resulting in a leakage. When the metal cools, leakage from the inner tank may come to a stop. Thus, you will observe water on the surface of the heater instead of a constant leakage. It is recommended that you get a water heater replacement and here is our price list. 













Noise and rumbling 

Build-up of sediments may appear on the bottom tank of a water heater. When the sediments get heated up repeatedly, it will end up hardening and cause rattling or rumbling noises within the water heater. This could be a signal that your water heater is not in a good working condition anymore and you would need to consider installing a new water heater. Choose from a variety of popular water heater brands such as AristonRheem Joven707ChampsRubineBennington, and Everhot. 










Burnt tank bottom 

Burn marks found on the bottom of your water heater could suggest two possible issues – improper venting and damaged pipes. We do not recommend repairing the water heater as nothing can be done to salvage it. We advise you to quickly repair it also as it might lead to electric shocks while taking a shower. Instead, get the water heater replaced with better quality ones that you can find in the market. 


If you notice any of the signs above, get your water heater repaired or replaced immediately. Despite trying to save money on plumbing, prolonging the use of your faulty water heater could be harmful to you. Call an experienced plumber and he should be able to advise you on your water heaters.  


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