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Common Misconceptions About Instant Water Heaters You Need to Know

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When purchasing any home maintenance products, it’s important to do proper research beforehand. However, many homeowners fail to do this especially when they’re choosing an instant water heater to install. As a result, they end up having various misconceptions when deciding on a unit. Some of these include the following:


Instant Water Heaters Are Costly To Maintain

One misconception that people have about instant water heaters is that they’re costly to maintain. In fact, having a professional plumber install an instant water heater in your home can save you 20% in electricity bills. This is because of the efficient manner in which they use up energy. Whereas storage water heaters heat water constantly, instant water heaters only do so when needed. As a result, they end up consuming significantly less power.


Instant Water Heaters Lack Hot Water


Many believe that instant water heaters experience insufficient water supply issues just like storage models. On the contrary, they can provide you with hot water anytime you need it. Though they don’t have a tank-like storage water heaters, they immediately initiate the heating process once water passes through one of the two heating elements. Thus, you’ll immediately be able to have running hot water once you open your sink or shower tap.


Instant Water Heaters Are Dangerous To Use

Many people are scared to install instant water heaters since they fear they might scald themselves or experience hypothermia. In fact, these units often include an adjustable thermostat so that you can adjust your water’s temperature accordingly. As such, you don’t have to worry about burning yourself or freezing while using your shower set.


All Instant Water Heaters Function The Same

Although many instant water heaters today contain enhanced features, not all models function the same. Because there are various water heater brands in the market, many of the units available for purchase tend to differ in terms of materials, performance, and even quality. Moreover, while some models might contain several functions, others might consist of a simpler design. So make sure to consult a reliable plumber before deciding which unit is most appropriate for you.




Instant water heaters can provide you with many benefits. As such, it’s important to read properly about them before deciding on what brand to purchase from. Once you know which model might be most suitable for you, contact Everyworks Singapore to install it for you. Our professional plumbers can ensure that your unit is set up efficiently and without any problems whatsoever. For more information on our plumbing installation services, make sure to view our price list.


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