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Features To Have In a Brand-New Water Heater Before Purchasing In Singapore

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When deciding which instant or storage water heater to install, it’s vital that you consider the features it should have. So with that, here’s a list of recommended features for your home’s water heater:


Recommended Water Heater Features


Digital Display Panels: A number of modern storage or instant water heaters in the market include digital display panels. These are considered highly convenient since they allow homeowners to set their tap and faucet’s water pressure and water temperature according to their preference. Moreover, they help prevent plumbing issues which often occur with manual instant or storage water heaters.

Glass Lined Tanks: Besides water leaks, a lot of homeowners face corrosion problems with their installed water heaters. Fortunately, many newer water heater tanks are built with glass sheets to prevent such a problem. As such, they are much more durable and are more likely to last longer.

Brass Drain Valves: Be it storage, instant, or multipoint water heaters, all water heater models consist of a drain valve that is either built with brass or plastic. Many consider brass drain valves to be more durable since they are less likely to experience water leaks and deterioration. Moreover, they are known to last for a longer period of time.

Anti-scale Systems: Most storage and instant water heaters at present include anti-scale systems. This helps to prevent scaling by transforming mineral deposits into small particles. Thanks to this feature, homeowners don’t have to be concerned about a water heater failure caused by mineral deposit accumulation.

Energy Efficiency: Besides the ability to save you money on plumbing, you should make sure that the water heater you buy is energy-efficient. That way, you can avoid paying costly electricity bills. For best results, consider installing an instant water heater rather than a storage water heater.

High Storage Capacity: In order for you to maximize your use of hot water, try having a professional plumber install a water heater with high storage capacity. By doing so, you can store and use as much hot water as possible when bathing from your shower set.


Different Kinds of Water Heater Fuel Sources


Instant and storage water heaters make use of different kinds of fuel sources which include the following:

Electricity: Many households in Singapore utilize electric current to fuel their instant or storage water heaters. This process begins with the current entering through the unit’s top heating element to pass through the temperature cut-off switch. It then reaches the thermostat and then heats the water accordingly.

Gas/Propane: When choosing a water heater for their hired plumber to install, some homeowners would rather opt for a model that uses gas or propane as fuel. The gas/propane is kindled by pilot light at the burner and then the resulting air is used to heat the water.

Many HDB plumbers in Singapore advise homeowners with gas water heaters to vent the fumes outdoors as they are dangerous to inhale. Furthermore, any combustible materials need to be kept away so as to prevent the unit from experiencing major plumbing emergencies.

Outdoor Heat: Hybrid water heaters have been gaining popularity among homeowners in recent times. Unlike storage or instant water heaters, hybrid water heaters use outdoor air as fuel instead of gas or electricity. However, they are more costly to maintain since they consume lots of energy. As such, you may want to consult a reliable plumber before having one set up in your home.


Advanced Features Used In Modern Water Heaters


Many modern instant, storage, and multipoint water heaters contain advanced and updated features like the following:

Dry Fire Protection: This feature makes sure that your tank is already filled before it starts heating water for your kitchen or bathroom tap to release. This process prevents your unit’s upper portion from burning out whenever the tank is empty. As such, you won’t need to worry about major issues occurring which might require servicing by an emergency plumber.

Energy Efficient Systems: Many modern water heaters such as Rheem water heaters and Ariston water heaters make sure to only heat water when necessary and at a fast pace. Because of this, they are much more energy-efficient and allow homeowners to save on their power usage no matter how much they use their shower tap.

Smart Technology: Various instant and storage water heaters in the current market include smart technology. This enables users to set their water heater settings and avoid scalding and excessive water pressure when using their shower set.

Premium Electric Gas Valves: Premium electric gas valves are a popular feature in most instant and storage water heaters today. This is due to the fact that they enable homeowners to easily control their water temperature. Moreover, they can be utilized immediately since they are easily installable.

Built-in Wi-fi: Nowadays, a lot of storage and instant water heaters include a built-in Wi-Fi system. This allows homeowners to remotely disable their unit and adjust their water temperature. It also sends a signal in case of a low hot water supply and allows users to reduce their power usage. Overall, it is an considered extremely convenient feature to have especially if you use your kitchen and basin taps constantly.



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