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6 Things To Take Note Of When Buying A New Storage Water Heater

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Most homeowners and families in Singapore use hot water, from taking a bath to cleaning and removing dirt. People often have a water heater installed in their houses. If it’s your first time getting a storage water heater for your spaces, you can choose between famous brands such as RheemRubineBennington, or Joven. However, simply relying on the brand reputation and advertisements may not be enough to provide you with the information you need before reaching out to water heater services for installation and replacement. 

Get to know what you should consider when purchasing your first or next storage water heater product


Quality Level

After picking storage vs instant water heater for your homes, don’t purchase the brand or model as you do with electrical appliances at home. If you choose a low-quality water heater, you may experience common issues with storage water heaters in the future. 

The best benefit you can get from a new storage water heater is the warranty for parts and motor. Then, check the durability. The water tank, heating element, thermostat, and pressure relief valves must be efficient enough to serve their purpose to avoid identifying water heater leaks. If you do experience water heater leaks, you can call professional plumbing services for water heaters at Everyworks Singapore.




Some things to note during water heater installation and purchase are the amount and the number of people using hot water. Experts recommend a storage water heater for small families as they consume less hot water. You may find the Rheem EH 25M and other popular water heater brands with 25-liter tank capacity suitable. When you own commercial space or house a big family, you may find the Rheem EHG 40 and other 40-liter storage water heaters ideal for your spaces.


Safety Features

Overheating is a common water heater issue that families and commercial space owners experience. When your storage water heater overheats, the pressure increases, leading to various emergency scenarios. Avoid these problems by following safety precautions when using a water heater, like a high-quality thermostat. When choosing a new storage water heater, get a model with a durable pressure and temperature relief valve to ensure the pressure remains at the safety limit. 


Energy Usage

Installing a water heater could provide so many benefits that it could also end up increasing your electricity bill. The importance ofi installing an energy efficient water heater is one of the things you should know about water heater installation. Another consideration you must check is the water inlet temperature and preset temperature, commonly at 60 °C. Suppose your storage water heater consumption gets higher and constantly overheats. These are some signs of a water heater failure that immediately requires expert water heater technician services. Contact Everyworks for fast and reliable pricing of any water heater services in Singapore. 


Installation Area


Before getting an average or a big water heater, checking your space is important for proper water heater installation. You can get a compact water heater if you have a small bathroom. When you hire a professional to install your storage water heaters, they can easily make way for electric and plumbing connections.


Tank and Heating Element


Whether you want to have your water heater repaired or replaced, water the tank is should be durable enough to withstand high temperatures for a long time. Read about the materials of your tank. It should be durable, made from a corrosion-resistant material to not develop holes. Next to the features in a brand new water heater is the heating element. Whether you are using hard water or not, the calcium-magnesium should not corrode your heating element. 



Getting a new storage water heater to replace your older models at home can benefit your family. Before you purchase, check the quality and capacity in the product description among the best storage water heaters in Singapore today. The water heater buying guide includes other features such as energy consumption, safety features, and installation space. Then, get to know the electric water heater elements, like the heating elements and container features, to know if the storage water heater fits your home. After making your storage water heater choice, contact professional water heater technicians to install it in your homes hassle-free!


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This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.

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