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How To Select Between Instant Water Heaters and Storage Water Heaters in Singapore

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Are you installing a water heater for the first time? Water heaters indeed offer tons of benefits for Singaporean homeowners. When searching online, you might have seen or read about storage water heaters and instant water heaters during your search. However, the terms and general explanation may not be enough to let you know more about the two types of water heaters. We will give you an easy-to-understand view of these two types of water heaters before you cash out and subscribe to a water heater installation service. 


Instant Water Heaters


The difference between a storage water heater and an instant water heater is the way they heat water. As the name suggests, water passing through instant water heaters gets warm quickly. They also come in single and multipoint water heater designs run by electricity, while other models use gas. Most water heaters in HDBs and condos in Singapore feature electricity-powered models, which most homeowners find energy-efficient water heaters

Check these brands and types of instant water heaters to help with your next purchase.

Single Point Instant Water Heater

Powered by: Electricity

You can find out if the instant water heater is in a single point design when the water only passes through 1 point to the outlet.

Multipoint Instant Water Heater

Powered by: Electricity

Multipoint water heaters, on the other hand, have various water points before the outlet. 

Gas Instant Water Heater

Powered by: Gas

Unlike the single-point and multi-point water heaters, the third type of instant water heater uses gas to heat water.

Most Singaporean families and professionals live in HDBs rather than a condo and landed property. Between storage vs instant water heater, HDB homeowners prefer the latter for its convenience. According to Everywork’s popular water heater brands, Ariston, Rheem, and Champs are the favorites among HDB homeowners. 


Instant Water Heater Brands



If you prefer Italian toilet designs, durable parts, and energy efficiency, Ariston is the brand you can trust. Customers worldwide know the brand as a reputable manufacturer of water heater products. 

  • Ariston SMC33 – elegance and simplicity all in one water heater

Ariston SMC33 features a stunning, safe, minimalist, and slim design you find in most Italian-designed instant water heaters. Purchase or replace your water heater with the Ariston SMC33 for its smart living with salient features. The anti-scaling system, instant heating, shower head and hose, and temperature selection redefine your shower experience.


Rheem is the largest instant water heater manufacturer in the world! Customers trust the North American brand for all their water heating needs. 

  • Rheem RH388 – High-quality and functional design

The Rheem RH 388 Instant Water Heater has the features to have in a brand new water heater for your homes, such as the anti-scald and rust system 5 spray massage and misty hand shower that are ISO certified. It also has an electronic control system that lets you change the water temperature by simply turning the knob.


Another brand you should check out is Champs. The company manufactures, develops, and distributes electric instant water heaters. 

  • Champ Ocean – Affordable and quality instant water heaters

Champ Ocean has functions making you opt for an instant water heater installation for your spaces. You can easily take total control over the heating elements and indulge yourself in a healthy soak and simple pleasures of life with its user-friendly features.


Storage Water Heaters


The storage water heater keeps heated water in an insulated tank before use by homeowners. You can find the best storage water heaters used by commercial and landed property owners in Singapore today. 

Get to know the best storage water heater tanks for your property:  

Electric Storage Water Heater

Powered by: Electricity

The electric storage water heater model warms the water while in the tank.

Digital Storage Water Heater

Powered by: Electricity

Digital water heaters offer convenient functions and a thermostat panel for precise water heating. It’s among the popular models on our water heater product list

Gas Storage Water Heater

Powered by: Gas

These storage water heaters use gas to heat the water inside the water tank.

Solar Storage Water Heater

Powered by: Solar Energy

You can save electricity bills and be environmentally friendly as this type of storage water heater warms water using solar energy!

Heat Pump Storage Water Heater

Powered by: Electricity

The storage heater comes with a pump unit that produces heat to the water tank. You can mostly find a heat pump storage water heater in industrial and commercial properties and equipment like a jacuzzi. It’s vital to hire a professional to install your storage water heater with heat pumps to avoid issues. 

Most Singaporeans use electric-powered storage water heaters among the other storage heaters. You can better understand how these storage water heaters work by reading a guide to an electric water heater and its elements. You can also ease your storage water heater search by choosing among our consumers’ top brand picks below. 


Storage Water Heater Brands


  • Ariston AN15/30 LUX – the intuitively designed storage water heater

Ariston AN15/30 LUX combines stunning form and function with super-ecologic insulation materials. Its newly improved titanium-enamel tank lets users conserve energy. Additionally, the impressive shell technology offers a synthesis of geometry, assembly, and enduring performance, solving some common issues with storage water heaters. You can make it a permanent home fixture for its strong resistance to pressure and corrosion. 


A brand close to home that prides itself on high customer satisfaction is Joven. The Malaysian brand offers a selection of innovative storage water heaters with quality and safe functions and trendy designs. 

  • Joven JH25L/35L – Energy efficiency and quality design

Joven manufactured the JH25L/35L storage water heater with CFC Free High-Density Polyurethane Foam. The Triple Safety System and maximum insulation solve most of the common water heater issues experienced by Singaporeans. Also, it comes with a thermostat safety cut-out, thermal cut-off, and HE Technology that help you save energy up to 20%.



  • Rheem 85VP6S (6 Gallon) – Durable vertical design

Rheem 85VP6S vertical design solves your space problem and ticks the list of other things you should know about water heater installation. The combination of unique features like the Rheemglas enamel tank, UL-approved combined temperature and pressure relief (TPR) safety valve, Incoloy heating element, and adjustable thermostat make the storage water heater safer than other models in the market. Additionally, it prevents corrosion and possible problems with your water heater.


 Instant Water Heater and Storage Water Heater Comparison

  Instant Water Heater Storage Water Heater
Price Low High
Water storage capacity Unlimited Tank capacity ranges from 15L to 100L. 
Design Small and compact Needs storage space. It depends on the size of the water tank. 
Utility Low. Heats up per demand.  High. Heats up the whole water tank.
Heating time Takes about 5 seconds for water to flow and heat up.  The heating time depends on the tank size. Needs preheating before use. 
Life Expectancy Around 10 to 15 years.  Around 8 to 13 years.
Temperature consistency Inconsistent. Water temperatures increases over a short period of time, but it also depends on the water usage in the house.  Consistent. The water in the tank maintains the same temperature after preheating. 



Is this your first water heater purchase? The water heater buying guide tells you to check the locations and uses. Instant water heaters are compact and suitable in an HDB and Condo, while a storage water heater fits well in landed and commercial properties. You can also check out the product lists of popular brands such as Joven, Rheem, Champs, and Ariston. Both types of water heaters offer tons of benefits for the users but always take note of the water heater safety precautions when using them. If you notice signs of water heater failures in your newly installed water heaters, contact water heater technicians on Everyworks Singapore today!


Everyworks Singapore provides the best home maintenance solutions available in Singapore. Moreover, we ensure quick customer response, prompt booking, and reasonable and affordable prices for whatever services you acquire. Our highly experienced and skilled plumberelectricianaircon servicing technicians and handyman teams can also guarantee that the work performed is completed professionally and efficiently as illustrated by our highly-rated Google and Facebook reviews. See our past home maintenance works and articles  to learn more about our home services in Singapore. To set an appointment promptly and have your issues resolved immediately, simply contact our attentive customer support team by sending a quick text or picture through Whatsapp at +65 82410032


This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.

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