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Guide To Electric Water Heater and Its Elements

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It is very convenient to have an electric water heater unit in Singapore. There are many trusted water heater brands, and their product ranges from various types of water heater like instant water heater and electric storage water heater. The electric water heater works in a process where the water passes through the storage tank. It is being heated and stored at a specific temperature which is also why insulators are an essential part of these storage water heaters. On the other hand, Instant water heaters pass through pipes that get heated and not water storage tanks.


Facts and Elements


The interior of your installed storage water heaters are tanks fabricated with steel and a glass lining to avoid corrosion inside the system. This is why an electric water heater is efficient. One of the common issues for your storage water heater is corroded water heaters, and it causes malfunction and breakdown in your water heater system. This is caused by mineral deposits that pass through your storage tank.

The humidity levels in Singapore can also affect the corrosion or the rusting of the metal structure of your water heater. When this happens, you can contact a water heater repair service, and if it is beyond repair, you should consider getting a new unit for your household.



Instant water heaters can be made of glass and steel raw materials, like how storage water heaters are made. However, in Singapore, instant water heaters conduct energy in the insulator where the water passes through. They can be made from carbon or a polymer. Instant water heaters heats water faster than storage water tanks, and these instant water heaters are small and compact, which is suitable for an HDB type of bathroom.

It can be a hassle when your water heater unit fails to operate. Sometimes, things like this cannot be avoided, especially when the water heater unit comes from a low-quality brand. It is better to know what to avoid when installing a water heater and to look for a reliable and good quality water heater that provides a warranty in case it becomes faulty.


How Does An Electric Water Heater Function


The function of a storage electric water heater works when both water and heat are stored. Water is usually heated up to the recovery rate, and this should be the same with the storage tank, where the heat is constant. There can be instances when water passes faster through the tank, thus giving cold water out of the showerhead.

There can be common issues of storage water heater that can affect its heating system unit. For instance, the storage capacity of the tank can affect it. A water heater with a storage tank with a much higher storage capacity will have a low recovery rate and will take more time for the heating of the water but will have more supply.

Instant water heaters are the simplest water heater type; the water passes through the pipe and the heater system and goes out in the showerhead or tap.



These are things you need to know about your water heater, especially with instant water heaters and storage water heaters. The essential parts of your water heater are the ones you should look after because when it gets faulty, you have to either replace it or have it repaired by a  professional plumber To avoid these water issues from happening, it is better to have a scheduled water heater maintenance. At Everyworks Singapore, we can do services that your water heater might need like water heater installation, water heater replacement, or even repair water heater leakage.

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