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Should You Have Your Water Heater Repaired or Replaced?

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Certain factors affect your decision whether you will repair or have your water heater replaced.  It is important to consider first the cost of spending, the quality of the water heater, or if it is still usable. It is hard to decide on these matters especially if you do not have any idea on how to do the repair. Considering the services of a plumber to check your water heater can make your decision-making easier, they can also check if there are certain components that need a water heater repair. In this article, we can provide some details that will help you with the water heater you have.


Signs That Your Water Heater Requires Repair


If your water heater does not go through regular maintenance, there could be a possibility that it has water heater issues already that can lead to costly repairs. There could be an instance when an instant heater can malfunction which can make the water cold. This is caused by a broken temperature regulator.

These are the signs to look out for when a water heater becomes faulty. When this happens, it is better to call for a professional plumber that can help you and also give advice if necessary.



It is better to familiarize yourself with how your water heater works. A storage water heater/Instant water heater functions when water gets inside the storage tank where the heat and the electric cycle happens. The temperature regulator ensures the water temperature does not go above its limit. This process is pretty simple for your water heater to face further issues that could lead to an expensive water heater repair.

Though simple, keep in mind that there are still some components that can be damaged. There can be issues with the heating system. The valves and circuits can break. Calling a recommended plumber can help with all these water heater issues


Signs That Your Water Heater Should Be Replaced


There could be chances where repair could be insufficient for your water heater unit. Look for signs of water heater failure, especially when mineral deposits inside your water heater are caused by steel and already have damaged the system caused by rust. When an issue like this happens, the unit cannot be repaired hence need a replacement. Many water heater types, like the storage water heaters or the instant water heaters are in the market that our plumber highly recommends.

When buying a new water heater unit it is advisable to look for features of the water heater units if they have met requirements for its design, venting system size, drainage, and the pipes built on the water heater unit. If you opt to do the water heater replacing alone, all you need is a user manual and the proper plumbing tools. However, for most people who can’t do that, they better call a skilled plumber to do the water heater installation.



Weigh your options if you want a replacement or just a repair. Think about the pros and cons of having it, but it is always best when you can get your money’s worth. There are a lot of trusted brands of water heater if your choice is to replace it. If your choice is to have it repaired, our expert plumber is available to do this service for you.  At Everyworks Singapore, we offer the best water heater repair together with other services like tap installation, clear clogged sink, and many more at an affordable price.


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