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Why Does Your Storage Water Heater Keep Tripping Your Circuit Breaker?

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Depending on the size of the storage water heater tank, home appliances mostly have low power consumption. Storage water heaters usually have their own electrical circuit breaker, which cuts off the electricity supply when it exceeds the current safety limit. 

Homeowners have to turn on the circuit breaker just to use the storage water heater, and sometimes, the circuit breaker trips. When this happens, it affects the settings and how your storage heater works. If you’re experiencing a circuit breaker after a water heater installation, read the following tips to learn how to fix the problem. 


Burnt Heating Element 

The number of the heating element present in the water heater depends on its size as you read the online guide to an electric water heater and its elements. If you have an old or poor-quality storage water heater, the heating element incurs damages over time due to the high temperature and substandard materials used. 

The heating element heat resistance lowers while increasing the power consumption, causing the breaker to trip. It’s one of the problems with your water heater that you should keep in check. You can safely check the issues by using a multimeter for the resistance. When there is a change in the resistance rating, it is a sign that the storage heater or the heating element has been damaged. 


Defective Thermostat 

One of the common issues with storage water heaters, old and of low quality, is a faulty thermostat. You can find the thermostat connected to the power supply. Usually, a thermostat will cut off the power supply to the heating element if the temperature is above the preset temperature. When the thermostat stops the power supply, it also prevents the water from getting heated further. 

If the thermostat is defective, it will heat the water leading to high power consumption. When this problem becomes unattended, your circuit breaker will trip, so always check your thermostat with a multimeter when you see signs of water heater failure from water temperature.


Defective Breaker or Faulty Wiring


Some users don’t troubleshoot or call for water heater services when their circuit breaker trips when using their storage water heaters. Instead, they keep turning on the switch, which can damage their circuit breaker entirely.

Circuit breaker trips are not all related to storage water heaters. Sometimes, it could be caused by component damages, leading to breaker trips even below the specified current limit. When this happens, the wiring connecting the breaker to the water may incur damages from heating. Mice and cockroaches eat exposed insulation, causing a short circuit. When this happens, you may need a water heater repair or even replace it with the best storage water heaters in Singapore.


Leaking Water Heater


Another reason for circuit breaker trips is water heater leaks. When the gasket and pipes become loose or other parts develop holes, you can usually see and identify water heater leaks

Water can cause short circuits and, worst, tripping your circuit breaker. It is a conductor of electricity; thus, it is best to check it with a professional from Everyworks Singapore. You can also note it to keep expert water heater technicians safe and provide a speedy, professional service during a water heater installation.  


Call A Qualified Electrician To Repair Your Breaker or Wiring


Anything related to circuit breaker trips can be dangerous when a non-specialist try to troubleshoot the problem. Whether you need to repair or install storage vs. instant water heaters, hiring a skilled and certified water heater service provider like the technicians and plumbers at Everyworks Singapore is advisable. They can fix the breaker tripping or storage water heater leaks safely. 



When your circuit breaker frequently trips, there are possibly one or more causes. The burnt heating element, thermostat issues, faulty wiring, and water heater leaks when left unattended may just lead to the worst-case scenarios for your storage water heaters and circuit breakers. However, anything related to electricity issues may be dangerous when doing substandard DIY repairs or replacements. This is just one of the few reasons you should hire a professional to repair your storage water heater issues. Don’t hesitate to contact professionals at Everyworks Singapore. Our experienced and skilled experts know the differences between storage and instant water heaters and the solutions needed. 


Everyworks Singapore provides the best home maintenance solutions available in Singapore. Moreover, we ensure quick customer response, prompt booking, and reasonable and affordable prices for whatever services you acquire. Our highly experienced and skilled plumberelectricianaircon servicing technicians and handyman teams can also guarantee that the work performed is completed professionally and efficiently as illustrated by our highly-rated Google and Facebook reviews. See our past home maintenance works and articles  to learn more about our home services in Singapore. To set an appointment promptly and have your issues resolved immediately, simply contact our attentive customer support team by sending a quick text or picture through Whatsapp at +65 82410032


This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.

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