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Why Should You Opt For a Multipoint Water Heater instead Of Storage Water Heater

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In Singapore, most families require hot water for various reasons – including bathing, cooking, cleaning, and other activities. Although numerous water heaters can be installed in each room, this is costly and inconvenient. As a result, an increasing number of families are opting for a single multipoint water heater connected to the hot water supply in each bathroom. We have outlined the benefits of buying a multipoint heater over installing a storage water heater for families who use hot water.


Low Installation Cost

low-installation-cost-reasons-why-should-you-opt-for-a-multipoint-water-heater-instead-of-storage- water-heater-everyworks-plumber-singapore

The low installation cost is one of the main reasons why multipoint heaters have become popular. Instead of installing a water heater in each room, you will only need to install a single multipoint water heater. A factor to consider when buying a new storage heater is that the false ceiling may have to be cut for installation –  increasing the cost of installation.  On the other hand, installing a multipoint heater does not require any modifications, which lowers the installation cost to some extent.


No Pre-heating 


A multipoint water heater maintains a supply of stored hot water. Thus, if hot water is needed, a family member merely needs to turn on the shower or faucet. In most cases, it usually takes less than 10 seconds to obtain hot water, depending on the location of the multipoint water heater and bathroom. As compared to instant water heaters, storage heaters take at least five minutes for the hot water to reach the desired temperature. As a result, an installed storage water heater requires time to preheat. Furthermore, If you require hot water, the heater should be turned on for some time.


Energy Efficient 

energy-efficient-reasons-why-should-you-opt-for-a-multipoint-water-heater-instead-of-storage- water-heater-everyworks-plumber-singapore

Multipoint water heaters are energy efficient as they are designed and produced using the latest technology. The energy loss will increase if you opt to install multiple water heaters. On the other hand, the energy loss is minimized if there is only one multipoint water heater installed. This is why it is critical to invest in installing energy-efficient water heaters. Additionally, the multipoint heater has a high-efficiency heating element which increases its energy efficiency up to 30% as compared to a traditional heater.


Instant Hot Water Supply and Showering Convenience 

When selecting a new water heater, do take note that a multipoint water heater always stores hot water. Family members can immediately have the hot water they require. They do not have to wait for the water to heat up for five minutes or more. If a family member is in a rush, they can easily have a hot water shower.



Installing a single multipoint water heater for your home has its benefits. The benefits of installing it include having lower installation costs, more energy-efficient, instant hot water supply, and no preheating are required. However, If you are looking to install a single multipoint water heater for your home, engage a water heater professional as they can serve as a guide to buying a water heater that meets your demand. Furthermore, they will also provide installation services to ensure that your water heater is installed properly and efficiently.


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This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.


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