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5 Reasons Why An Instant Water Heater Leaks

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Instant water heaters provide hot water when needed since they do not store any water. Since it does not store any water, we do not foresee issues such as water heater leaking will happen. Though it is true that it will not develop any issues for a while, we may notice that the water heater is suddenly leaking. This is confusing and we might start to wonder why is this happening? Here are five reasons why an instant water heater is leaking.


It Has Improper Venting


If you engage professional water heater services to install your instant water heater, they can assure you that they can do the job efficiently. They are trained experts that will properly do the venting, and ensure that there will be no condensation inside the water heater. Therefore, you will not encounter leaks due to improper venting. However, if you attempt to do the venting by yourself and it is not done correctly, then your water heater will experience leaks, and the whole system may stop working. This is why it is important to properly install your water heater.


It Has Rust or Sediments Inside The System

If your instant water heater is leaking from the main part and not through the adjacent pipes, this could be a sign that there may be rust or sediments present. If you fail to ignore this issue, the leaks are bound to get worse and parts of your water heater might even be damaged. You should replace your water heater once there is a rust build-up.


It Has Improper Water Pipe Connections


Water heaters typically have a relief valve installed, although the valve is missing in some water heaters. The relief valve can be found at the water heater outlet. A relief valve aids to flush out and drain the instant water heater’s system.  It is through the joints that the valves aid to decrease the chance of water leaks. The pressure may occur inside the pipe joints that will cause leaks to your instant water heater if you do not have a valve. The valve is essential for most instant water heaters since they have to join attachments that guarantee quick and smooth replacements.

If the valve is the reason for the water heater’s leak, then you can hire a professional plumber. He will look into the problem, fix the leak, and provide a relief valve that fits your water heater perfectly to make sure you will not face problems with your water heater and know how to maintain it.


It Has Acidic and Hard Water  


Hard water is one of the most common reasons for water heater leaks. Hard water contains dissolved particles that begin to accumulate in the piping system after you have used it for some time. That build-up may have an effect on your heat exchanger and cause overheating.

When your water heater is overheating, the system will automatically lock and display an error code in the control panel. It will shut down again if you reset the water heater’s system without addressing the problem. It is also possible that the whole system will crash and be a sign of water heater failure.

Nonetheless, acidic water may cause rusted pipes and produce pinhole leaks that will eventually keep growing. Your water’s pH levels help determine how rapidly acidic water can destroy your system. You can check out your water’s acidity level and neutralize it to stop this from occurring.


It Has High Water Flow Rates


A water heater leak can develop high pressure and high flow. Since instant water heaters need low flow rates for ideal performance, they tend to be more sensitive. Thus, you must make sure that the flow is about 19 LPM and the pressure is not more than 200 kPa. In the event that the flow and pressure are too high, you will need to contact a water heater professional. Water heater professionals are experts and knowledgeable in handling common water heater issues like high flow and high pressure. They will also attentively check into the problem, identify the underlying issue, and recommend the best solution. Once the job is done, your water heater will not have any leaks and be in great condition for a long time.



There are high chances that your instant water heater will bear damages if you ignore the early signs of water heater leaks. If your water heater is leaking, this might be due to various reasons such as improper venting, improper pipe connections, hard and acidic water, or high flow rates. Contact a professional as they have the skills and experience to fix the water heater leaks.


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This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.

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