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Problems with your Water Heater and How To Maintain It

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There are only some people who are aware that when a water heater is properly functioning it means that it is well maintained. The method of maintaining a water heater is not costly, it has a series of steps that can be easily followed. By consistently following the instructions, the chances of water heater repairs are slight. It is essential that the user is knowledgeable of these details before installing a water heater in their household. At Everyworks Singapore, we ensure that our customers know all the details.


Potential Water Heater Problems


Water consists of chemical elements that leave accumulated minerals underneath your water heater. These accumulated minerals can influence the usual operation of your water heater. Various substances are the reason for the gradual decomposition of the water heater storage tanks. If this occurs, you will need to replace your faulty water heater.

Buying a brand-new water heater system is costly, however, it could be prevented by maintaining it well. The equipment that is used for maintaining a water heater can be seen in every home. The process is even simple and convenient. This procedure is important as it drains out the water and guarantees that the heating system is functioning well. A water heater that is kept in good condition can endure at least eight to thirteen years. Having regular water heater servicing can help you save money rather than ignoring it, then you need to pay a larger amount when you replace your water heater system.




Here at Everyworks, we know that you earn money by working hard and there are several items that you postponed just to buy a water heater. We provide high-quality water heater brands since we know that it is essential in your household. By our customers’ eagerness, they have managed to maintain their water heater well for a long time without the need for a water heater repair. There are some users who know how to do electrical work, although if you are not knowledgeable enough in electrical work you can seek assistance from a professional. You can hire one of our reliable plumbers to do the job.

Before you proceed in doing the DIY plumbing work, make sure that you are protected. We highly suggest the person who is in-charge must wear protective clothing including overalls, goggles and gloves. Keep in mind that you must switch off the machine before carrying out the work. To guarantee your safety, always exceed your expectations to avoid causing harm.

You may follow this maintenance procedure. The first thing you need to do is check the T & P valves to prove that they are still functioning. After checking the situation of the valves, you may now switch the electricity off. Place a basin underneath the pipes connected to the T & P valve. Lift the flap of the valve to draw off the water. If there are leaks from your water heater even after letting out the valve, drain all of the water out and change the valve as it is damaged.



We at Everyworks Singapore emphasize to our customers the benefits of preserving a water heater system. It is highly suggested to connect insulators into the water heater since insulators assist in lowering the deprivation of heat that successively minimizes the duration and needed heat to make the water hot. We also advise our customers to regularly wash out the accumulated minerals underneath your instant or storage water heater. This is to reduce the decomposition and extend the duration of the effectiveness of your storage tank. The anode rods must be fabricated using premium materials, and they must hang inside the storage tank to prevent corroding. Regularly purchasing a new anode rod is low-priced rather than a water heater.

Our company, Everyworks Singapore knows that our customer’s time and wealth are essential and we are in-charge of following and using them intently.



A water heater system may incur problems if it is not properly maintained. If you ignore the damages you will need to replace your water heater. Keep in mind that a water heater is expensive, however, you can prevent this from happening by regularly cleansing your water heater storage. To prolong the efficiency of your water heaters, make use of insulators that are made up of high-quality materials. If your water heater needs to be serviced, contact Everyworks Singapore today. We offer water heater installation, repairs at a reasonable price.


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