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Reasons Why You Are Having Aircon Rattling Noise

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Singaporean homeowners opt for aircon installation because of the hot weather in the country. If the aircon unit starts malfunctioning, it can cause great discomfort to the homeowners because of the humidity. A sign of a malfunctioning aircon is when it starts making rattling noises, and it will either need an aircon repair or a replacement. Hence, it is very important to know the causes of why your aircon unit is making these types of noises before hiring a professional aircon servicing company.

We are now listing down the reasons why your aircon unit is making rattling noises:


Loose Panels


Loose panels can be a result of long time use. Sometimes, aircon technicians may accidentally screw the panels improperly after aircon servicing. Whenever this happens, a rattling noise is produced by the panels and it can be very disturbing for homeowners.

To avoid further damage, you should not perform DIY aircon troubleshooting, and instead, call the best professional aircon maintenance company when your aircon keeps making the rattling noise. You can guarantee the best outcome without thinking about paying a huge amount of encountering the same problem again.


Damaged Motor

Whenever your aircon fan motor is damaged, it can loosen other parts of the aircon model like the installed printed circuit board (PCB) and the aircon condenser. When these components get affected, they will produce a loud rattling noise. You should seek professional help as soon as you notice this happening because if it prolongs, it can cause more damage to the systems. Consequently, your aircon performance will be inefficient and its lifespan may even shorten.


Loose Fan Blade


A faulty aircon installation or debris in the condenser can cause your aircon’s fan blades to become misaligned and hit the aircon’s casing. Aside from damaging the casing, it will also produce loud aircon noise. If you notice this happening, you should not hesitate to call a professional aircon servicing to perform an aircon chemical overhaul to further clean the unit.


Debris Inside Outdoor Unit


An aircon condenser is always exposed to dirt and debris as it is placed outdoors. Dirt and debris can be stuck inside the condenser, and it will produce rattling noises. If this persists, the ideal thing to do is to have an aircon cleaning performed by a professional air conditioning service.


Broken Fan Cage

Loose fan blades can repeatedly hit the fan cage, causing it to become damaged and produce a rattling sound. This problem is best handled by a professional aircon technician as the blades are sharp. They can then assess whether it needs aircon repair or replacement. It is also best to engage in quarterly aircon servicing if you want to prevent these issues from happening.


Compressor Motor

The compressors in the aircon motors can become defective causing it to produce a loud rattling aircon noise. When this happens, the aircon may not work as efficiently as it should, and you may need to have aircon welding works performed. Hence, you should call professionals to do this job because they will know exactly what to do to fix your aircon emergency.



Instances wherein your aircons might have loose panels, damaged motor, loose fan blades, debris in compressor, broken fan cage, and defective compressor motor can cause it to produce a loud rattling noise. Aircon rattling noises, aside from it being very disturbing, can also cause a lot more problems in your installed aircons in the future. When these things happen, you might need a professional to do the troubleshooting to identify the main cause.

If you immediately call a professional aircon servicing company like Everyworks Singapore, you will know what causes the rattling noises, and your noisy aircon problem can be solved in no time. An aircon servicing can also offer aircon repair, replacement, and aircon chemical overhaul depending on your needs.


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