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Things You Should Know About Water Heater Installation

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In Singapore, you can easily buy water heaters in the market. There are many popular brands that sell water heaters and also different quality, worthy for its price. In purchasing a water heater, it is important to know the water heater installation process if you plan to get a professional plumber to do the installation. Always remember when buying an instant water heater or storage water heater, it is important to take note if they have an available step-by-step guide that you can follow when installing your water heater alone. However, doing this can be risky if you don’t have a background in doing electrical wire installation.

When buying a water heater, it’s better to look for a water heater supplier that is trusted; also, take note that the water heater you purchased should have a manual on how to install it, or you can choose to contact a plumber to help you install your instant or storage water heater.


Steps For Installing Your Water Heater


When installing your water heater, it is important to plan first on where you will put them. You need to ensure that there will be sufficient space for storage. Also, check if water and electricity are closed at the main supply point to avoid future issues with your storage water heater or instant water heater.

The next step is to draw out the water that could be in the pipes and the sink. If there are no holes for the dispenser, make a mark and use the right plumbing tools for DIY plumbing to make depression and position the dispenser in the hole and check it fits by sealing. The next steps below are the important things to consider when installing your water heater:



  • Attach the waterline with a double compression that links all water lines.
  • Mark the tap’s position so it is easier to align it adjacent to the electrical and plumbing outlets.
  • Use wood screws to connect the tank and the other components.
  • Connect the electrical cables to the storage water heater, place the flap back together with the outlet pipes on the water heater
  • Turn on the switch again to check the water heater.
  • Turn the faucet on so another residue in the dispenser can be washed off. Check both cold and hot witch if they are working.
  • Look for signs of water heater leakage in the storage tank or where your water heater is installed.



It is advisable to check the temperature regulator of the water heater. If it’s working efficiently, then you are ready to use your water heater. If not, go back to the steps on installing your water heater. You could have missed something like switching the power on. If all else fails, try to contact where you have bought your unit and ask if they can replace your water heater unit.



Being sure from the very start that the water heater bought works fine can help you save a lot. It is essential to check for the product step by step carefully to avoid future water heater failure in the future. You can opt to do these steps if you are knowledgeable with plumbing or have someone you know to do it for you, but hiring a reliable plumber can save you time and bring comfort, especially when you are not that skilled in plumbing. At Everyworks Singapore, we have the best plumber who can do water heater installation altogether with other services like shower repair, faucet installation, or a simple bathroom accessory fitting that can make your bath experience much more relaxing.


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