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Is a Rubine Storage Water Heater Reliable?

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In Singapore, most people are interested to opt and installing the right water heater in their homes. The reliability of a storage water heater is one of the things to take note of when buying one – other than its price and features.  This is in order to avoid having to spend extra time and money on frequent water heater repairs.

Since a Rubine water heater is compact, well-designed, and affordable, most individuals would rather purchase this. To find out if a Rubine water heater is reliable, the features are listed below:


Rubine Sphere Series

You can find compact storage water heaters with a capacity of 15 to 30 liters as part of the Rubine Sphere series. It is very reliable as it uses a SS 316 steel heating element which ensures high temperature, water, and pressure to avoid accumulating rust over time. For greater durability, the blue diamond enamel tank is covered with enamel.

The Rubine SP 15 storage water heater and Rubine SP 30 storage water heater have polyurethane foam, which prevents the hot water stored in the tank from losing heat. It ensures that the water will stay hot for a longer period of time. In this series, the power rating of all the water heaters is two kilowatts.

The water in the storage water heater gets quickly heated with the whirl flow technology. Just like the pressure relief valve that opens when the pressure in the water heater reaches above the safety limit, this water heater has numerous protection for water heater safety. When it exceeds the preset temperature, the dry heat and overheat protection will cut off the power supply to stop the heating. Every water heater has a magnesium anode that reacts with the dissolved minerals in the water to reduce corrosion in the water tank, hence, it does respond with the tank body.

The heating element has a five-year warranty and the water tank describes that Rubine assures the parts’ quality. The other components have a one-year warranty. You should replace your water heater if your Rubine storage water heater shows signs of common water heater issues during the warranty. The supplies are also provided for installing your Rubine water heater.


Rubine SP 15 SIN 2.0 Storage Water Heater


The Rubine SP 15 SIN 2.0 storage water heater is the smallest one, you can hire a professional to install this. It is compatible with individuals with compact rooms and smaller families. The 15-liter Rubine Sphere Series water heater has two variations. The first one is designed to install below the sink, while the second one is installed above the sink. The piping position is mostly the difference between these variations because they vary in storage water heater installation. An estimated seventeen minutes is the time needed for the inlet water temperature to heat at 35 degrees centigrade.


Rubine SP 30 SIN 2.0 Storage Water Heater


The Rubine SP 30 SIN 2.0 storage water heater is fit for smaller families. The estimated duration to heat the inlet water from 35 degrees celsius to preset temperature is around thirty-four minutes. This type of water heater model possesses all the features of the Rubine Sphere Series water heaters.



The Rubine Sphere Series is the best fit for small Singaporean families or individuals.  There are several water heater products available in the market, however, if you are looking for a reliable product, you can opt for a Rubine storage water heater. This is because of all the benefits listed above, proving that they are reliable. If you want to go for a Rubine water heater, engage a water heater professional as they are experienced workers and do the job perfectly.


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This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore

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