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7 Common Water Heater Issues in Singapore

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It can be disappointing when your installed water heater is not doing its purpose. For example, when cold water is going out of your heater instead of hot. Issues like this need immediate water heater repair.

In this article, we will further explain the various common water heater problems and what we can do to prevent or avoid them.


Common water heater problems

It is essential to note the two types of water heaters in Singapore: The instant water heater and storage water heater because that is how we will categorize these water heater problems further.


Instant Water Heater



Water is Not Hot

There could be situations when your instant water heater does not make the water hot within a few moments after turning it on, which can be better than cold freezing water. Many factors can affect your water heater’s performance, and one of them could be a water heater’s electric resistance. Electric resistance can be solved when you find a suitable electric supply source for your water heater.

Other factors can be a water heater failure due to faulty components which call for a repair or a replacement.


Water is Too Hot

Incorrect water temperature and pressure settings can make your water too hot to handle. To avoid this, checking and adjusting the water heater unit can help.

Also, there might be issues regarding its pressure or faulty parts that only an expert plumber can check.


Leaking Heater


Water heater leak can also be a problem that can occur in your water heater. Excessive pressure, inadequate plumbing, corrosion, or even overheating can be the reason for this water heater leak. Only a plumber can check your water heater unit installed needs a  plumbing valve correction or a replacement for the tarnished component.


Noisy Water Heater

Suppose you hear a noise in your installed water heater that could indicate a scale substance inside the heating system of your water heater affecting the whole unit. In that case, a plumber can solve that by replacing this damaged component.


Water Looks Discolored

Seeing rust or discolored water can indicate corroded parts of your water heater. A viable solution for this is to call for a reliable plumber who can replace your water heater with a more high-quality brand that suits your household.


Storage Water Heater



Water leak

A water heater leakage can occur in your water heater’s top or bottom parts due to an overflowed pipe caused by pressure or loose piping. If you want to replace your water heater, getting in touch with our trusted plumber can do the job for you at an affordable price.


Water is Not Hot


There are 3 possible reasons why your installed storage water heater is not pouring hot water:

  • A loss of electric supply
  • The Heating system of your water heater unit is damaged
  • The Water gets too hot causing trips with the limit switch

When signs like this are present, calling a skilled plumber can do the job for you by replacing these damaged systems or parts can save you time.


Water Is Too Hot In Temperature

Check your storage water heater settings because this can tell why your water is too hot or can be from a faulty thermostat that needs a repair or replacement. You can also check the thermostat if it is set too high. If there are still no changes after the adjustment you made, find the best reliable plumber to fix your water heater unit.


Water Pressure is Low


Your water supply can be affected when you have small pipings installed in your household, causing reduced output pressure. Replacing the small pipes with a bigger one can promote an increase in pressure. Mineral build-ups in your water heater may also be a reason for the low-pressure activity that makes your water heater leak.


Water heater noise

Another reason mineral deposits can cause damage to your water heater is when they start to procure sounds or rumble when you are using your water heater. Other causes might be leakage due to high pressures or contraction of pipes. Engaging with a Singapore-based plumber can do it much easy for you, so you will not worry about it further and save money on plumbing.


Water Is Dirty

Dirty water can be caused by a corroded storage tank or other components where the water passes through or can be from a mineral build-up. Situations like this call for immediate repair or tank flushing so you can use your installed storage water heater efficiently.


Water Has A Foul Smell

There is a difference between dirty water and smelly water.  Smelly water was caused by a bacterial growth inside the storage tank that gives that foul odor. The treatment that could be done here by a plumber is a tank flush, and the tank should be chemically treated as well periodically to get rid of the smell.



A water heater can bring you comfort in your household if maintained well. Storage water heaters and Instant water heaters have different water heater issues that need to be addressed depending on the situations you can’t avoid. Having a periodical water heater check-up and maintenance by finding a reliable plumber in Everyworks Singapore can lessen your expenses in plumbing service savings. Our plumbers will offer the best service and can assure you that we can make your water heater work efficiently again.


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This article is reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.

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