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Guide To Buying A Smart Switch

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Along with the modernisation of different home appliances, Singaporean homeowners have started installing smart light switches in their homes. It not only significantly improved the aesthetics of their homes, but also made them experience a level of convenience that will not be the same as any other traditional home lighting. However, if you plan on installing a smart switch in your homes, you should first have knowledge of the following:


Importance of Smart Switches


Smart light switches are as convenient as smart power plugs and smart bulbs. You use it to get the most out of both the plugs and bulbs. It lets you control your smart lights using just an app on your smartphone without diminishing the existence of wall switches. However, the price point of each varying smart switch depends on its features and design. Nevertheless, they are still very affordable even when compared to your traditional light switches because they can still be used along with your existing lighting at home.

To know which best suits your home and your needs, you can learn more about the best smart switch brands below:


Best Smart Switch Brands in Singapore



As one of the most reliable and finest smart light switches in Singapore, Tuya has given users a very convenient experience when using smart technology. They have developed the feature of using no-code software that most smart switches do not offer. Tuya also guarantees that your homes, condos, or HDB lights are secure and effective. Aside from that, it uses motion sensors that automatically turn on the lights whenever it detects movement. This feature also works with your home’s dimmer lighting. If you are not a fan of features like these however, you can easily deactivate them with the use of your smartphone.

Tuya smart switches require the Smart Life app or Tuya app. It can also work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. As per the Wi-Fi connection requirement, this smart switch needs at least 2.4 GHz so that you will not have any problems with its controls.

If you decide on installing a Tuya smart switch, you can call a professional light switch installation company for assistance or you can easily do it on your own if you have enough knowledge.




Sometimes, your electrical contractor forgets to install switches on your corridors or staircases. When this happens, it can be very inconvenient. However, if you opt for installing an Aqara smart switch, you can remotely control even your electrical switches and you will not have to worry about incomplete switch installations done by your electrician. You can also turn your lights on or off at different locations with the Aqara smart switch because it uses the Zigbee control system. This control system requires Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Additionally, you can automatically control your lights by just a press of a finger.




Broadlink smart switches are relatively very easy to use because they have Wi-Fi controlled LED lights that allow you to use your IOS/Android smartphones to remotely switch on or off your lights at home. Even if you are not at home, you can control your installed lights so that anyone who attempts to get in will eventually leave. Aside from that, you can also time your lights whenever you prefer them to be switched on or off.

These smart light switches, aside from having all these advanced features, also have a look that can make your homes appear very sophisticated. Broadlink smart switches are made of glass crystal. If you prefer an aesthetic smart switch that are very useful, then this is the best choice for you.


Kyla by Aztech


If you are a fan of all things customisable, Aztech smart switches are the best fit for you. The Kyla app by Aztech smart switch lets you remotely control your smart lights or smart curtains at home. This way, you can conserve energy while ensuring your home’s privacy and safety. Not only that, pre-setting your Aztech aircon is also possible if you install this switch.




The Sonoff switch is also in the list of the smart light switches that you can control using your IOS/Android smartphones. Using this switch, you can control your smart curtains, smart light installations, and smart aircons. It is also customizable wherein you can control your lights automatically just by setting the right configurations with your smartphones.

Sonoff smart switch requires 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection and it has three modes on which you can operate:

  • Self-locking mode: This mode lets you disconnect your devices instantly or separately.
  • Interlocking mode: This mode lets you turn your devices on and off at the same time.
  • Inching mode: This mode lets you enable all connected devices for a few seconds and then disable them afterward.


Things You Should Consider Before Installing Smart Switches



This is very important when it comes to installing a smart light switch. If your smart switch is not compatible with your existing smart lights and smart devices, then it will not work. You should also check if it is going to work with other smart devices that you own including Google Home, Alexa and Siri. Once you choose a compatible smart light switch for your homes, then you can be guaranteed of reaping all the benefits and features it offers.


Connection Protocol

Wi-Fi Smart Switches

Almost every home in Singapore has Wi-Fi and because of that, most smart light switches have developed a Wi-Fi module. You can control it with your smartphones and other devices. However, the required bandwidth increases with more devices connected to it, causing it to slow down other activities like live streaming or gaming.


Zigbee/Z-wave Smart Switches

If you have a bigger home or office, you might need to get a Zigbee or Z-wave smart home hub for a wider connection. The Zigbee smart switch is known to have a capacity of 65,000 devices and a range of 60 feet for data transfer. However, if you need a wider range for connectivity and reliability, then you should have a licensed electrician install a Z-wave smart switch because it has a range of 550 feet for data transfer. The downside to this device is that it allows you to connect lesser devices than the Zigbee as it only allows 300 devices to be paired.



Choosing which type of smart switch to install in your homes and offices can be tricky. However, once you are familiar with all your needs and the compatibility of each smart light switch with your homes, then you can be sure of choosing the right one. If you still need assistance on knowing which features and protocols to choose, then you should not hesitate to call a professional smart switch installer like Everyworks Singapore. We have the best installation services and we can also offer it at a very low price.


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