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8 Reasons Why Your Faucet Is Leaking

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Did you encounter turning off a shower or tap & faucet, then after a short time or the next day, you see that there is a puddle and your tap is leaking? This can be very aggravating since you learned that you have consumed water, and metaphorically speaking, you have drawn off your money. You must notify the indications of a faulty faucet to avoid a sudden increase in your water bills.


Loose Components

Sink and faucet components could detach eventually caused by several factors. The key problem is that several connections between some components may have deteriorated, or it is because of a low tap installation quality, which resulted in a dripping tap. Securing the detached components of the tap might be useless as it can occur once again. Additionally, there are no screws to secure a tap, thus the perfect remedy is to have a tap replacement. We have the best recommended plumbers who can do the tap installation for you, and they will ensure that the water droplets are not coming from a different place.


Damaged Washer


A damaged washer is one of the reasons behind a leaking faucet. Sink washers are made up of metal or rubber materials that cover the holes in your pipes to prevent leakages. Washers can be replaced after a while owing to the regular usage or abrasion against other components. Aside from that, the leakages could jump if the washer is not installed correctly or it has an incorrect dimension. We have skilled plumbers who can repair these usual faucet problems as well as the unnoticeable ones at inexpensive pricing.


Damaged or Worn-out O-rings

O-ring is an alloy or rubber seal that tends to cover the holes mostly in cartridge faucets.

These components can damage someday resulting in water leaking underneath the spout, handles, or at the tap’s nozzle. Hence, it needs to be replaced since it attracts the development of mold on the corners of your tap, which is not seen by our naked eyes, although it is a great risk to our health.


Valve Seat Problems

The valve is attached to the water piper and bathroom or kitchen tap. When the water passes through the valve seat to get to the sink, it develops minerals that bring about the decay of the valve seat which can result in leakages all over the sprouting area. The leaks show up after the valve seat is damaged. Our company provides various plumbing services, thus, if you are having problems with your faucet we can address the problem right away. Our plumbers are equipped with the right plumbing tools to ensure that our work is efficiently and quickly carried out, and we are available 24-7.


Accumulation of Calcium or Lime

If your tap develops lime, there will be a solid and flaky residue on the tap which makes it hard to open and close the faucet tap. Sometimes this results in faucet tap leaks since it does not let you close the tap properly to control the abrasion due to the lime residue. There are various DIY plumbing methods to remove the flaky mineral residue. Although to avoid this from happening, you may read our article about how to maintain your faucet to keep it looking shiny.


Substandard Seals

The majority of faucet styles have several inlet seals. These seals let the water pass through easily when you turn on the faucet. Once the water tap is turned off the water flow will also pause. Owing to the immoderate pressure from the overflowing water, the seals can harden and flake after a while, which makes the faucet tap faulty. If you open and close your tap despite having impaired seals, this can lead to water leakages.


Damaged Pipes


A burst pipe may give rise to a leaking tap. Normally, if a pipe or fitting bursts it would result in water dripping underneath the sink. When these fragments lead to another issue with the water pressure, then you will notice that the faucet is leaking after some time. To solve the issue of damaged pipes is to have them repaired or replaced. If you tried doing both ways and they are not able to operate, it is best to hire a skilled plumber to inspect your water pipes.


Incorrect Washer Installation


If you were not able to install the washer correctly, then this can result in having a leaking faucet. This can also happen if you install the wrong faucet dimensions. It is highly suggested to get the services of a reliable plumber. They surely have the knowledge and years of experience in installing and maintaining faucet taps.



If you are experiencing a leaking tap, you might want to properly check your faucet tap. There are several causes for this to occur such as having loose components, broken valve seat, incorrect washer installation. You might also want to check if there are damages to the washer, o-rings, sealants, and pipes. Recognizing the early signs of a leaking faucet is important in order to prevent further inconvenience. To ensure that your faucet taps are properly installed and that they are in good condition, it is best that you contact Everyworks Singapore. Our plumbing experts are equipped with the right tools to carry out any kind of plumbing emergency perfectly.


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