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Importance of Proper Water Heater Installation

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Installing a water heater in Singapore is considered to be a necessity. It provides a one-of-a-kind comfort, especially when we enjoy the hot relaxing water coming out of the shower. At some time, your installed water heater can stop working due to a lot of factors, and that calls for an immediate water heater repair. At Everyworks Singapore, we prioritize our quality water heater installation with the help of our experts that can help as well as inform you about the importance of proper water heater installation.


1. Legal Compliance


Undergoing a water heater repair or water heater installation should follow the laws and labor codes in Singapore to avoid legal issues that might happen soon. In Singapore, performing sanitary works or other water servicing-related works is considered an offense if you do not have a PUB Plumber License. That is why it is important to avoid cheap plumber scams as much as possible. There is also a fine of $10,000 or imprisonment of 36 months.

Hiring a professional water heater service provider like Everyworks Singapore can help you avoid such risk factors for Everyworks Singapore is a licensed service provider that follows Singaporean labor codes and still ensures to do the job perfectly and avoid water heater failures.


2. Longer Lasting Water Heater


The following reason why you should install your water heater properly in Singapore for the reason that it can work much longer. If a storage water heater is not installed the right way, it can soon show various problems. But, when you get it installed professionally, it will keep working correctly, but it will last much longer.

You can make the most of every coin that you spend on top water heater brands if you contact a plumber to install it.


3. Lowers the Chances of Problems Occurring


After installing your water heater alone, there is a high chance that you can face problems that can occur due to the lack of knowledge. It will be kind of odd to hire a plumber to repair it weeks after your DIY installation, and most certainly, you will not want any severe problems like flood or water heater emergency to happen. To reduce the chances of such problems occurring at all, it is important that you call a plumber


4. Makes Your Water Heater Safer


Every water heater requires a source of heat to warm your water. This heat source may include a gas line, flame, or electricity. If your installed water heater is not installed correctly, then there can be an explosion that could occur. 

It will be a wise choice to hire a reliable plumber instead at Everyworks Singapore, for we can ensure a quality water heater installation as well as inform you on how you can extend the lifespan of your installed energy-efficient water heater.


5. Protects You Against Leaks

If your water heater is not installed in the proper manner, you may face problems like water heater leakage, flooding, and mold growth. Both flooding and mold can pave the way to more serious problems which can affect your entire household. Water leakages can even cause grave injuries if not addressed on time. In order to solve issues like this, hiring a recommended plumber can be the best solution.

Hiring a professional to install your water heater holds the chances of getting a damaged water heater. Also, hiring a licensed plumber would ensure that you are following the correct labor codes in Singapore and will prevent you from making mistakes when hiring a plumber



The importance of having a water heater installed in Singapore is on the top level. Most people in Singapore prefer to bathe in comfortable hot water. That is why it is important to know what a proper water heater installation process is. If you do not know anything about water heater installation, it is best to ask for help from an expert. At Everyworks Singapore, we provide world-class service and are sure to help you with your water heater issues at an affordable price.


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This article was reproduced from Mr Plumber Singapore.

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