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Water Heater Buying Guide in Singapore

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When buying a water heater for your household, there can be a lot of factors that you should consider, like what type of water heater can fit your household or which brand can be worthy of buying considering the price and the quality and more things that you should consider that we will be discussing in this article.


Water heater considerations before buying:


The Types of Water Heater to Buy

A water heater has two types, the instant water heater, and the storage water heater. Instant water heater works when the water passes through the tube pipes heats the water instantly.  On the latter, storage water heaters are electric heaters with an insulated storage tank where the water is stored and heated up before flowing through the tap or showerhead.

You should consider the type of water heater first before getting one. Weigh options if you want an instant water heater or a storage-tank water heater. It is also best to consider hiring a plumber that can install this water heater in your household.


Product Costing

The cost of the product you will buy will always matter if you are a conscious consumer.  Factors like its price, can affect one’s decision making on buying water and can only be answered when addressed specifically on what brand or water heater type you are planning to acquire. Luckily, there are some popular water heater brands in Singapore that could fit your budget with still a high-quality grade product. The cost of a water heater unit varies from the brand, model, and water heater features that you will be choosing. In the market, getting an instant water heater is much cheaper than the storage water heater units and there are available brands Champs or Ariston that is cheap but still has a good quality and can work efficiently.


Water Heater Installation


Choosing where to install your water heater is also a factor that you should consider.Instant water heaters are usually small in size and do not take up too much space. On the other hand, storage water heaters are bulky and installation costs more especially in HDB or Condos in SIngapore.

For your instant water heater, it is advisable to have them positioned near a powerline to avoid having additional charges with the extension cords. Try to contact  a trusted plumber in Singapore who can help you with your water heater installation.


Pressure and Temperature Consistency of the Water

Most instant water heaters have restricted water pressure. This is to ensure that the water flowing is spontaneously heated. It has a built-in restrictors inside the instant water heater and helps the water to at least reach 39°C.

Water heater interlinks water pressure with temperature consistency. Instant water heaters that are used at the same time will experience water pressure decrease especially when other water taps are open. Thus, affecting the water heater temperature due to the unstable water flow.

However, due to technological advancements, Ariston made a way to solve such issues. They have come up with a model called Ariston SMC33 Instant Heater and claims that “With the innovative new technology, Ariston SMC33 Instant Heater will provide you with consistent temperature and water pressure of your desires”.

On the latter, a  storage water heater provides adequate water pressure and temperature because the water is heated in the tank before being used. The only thing that can be a problem with it is the water holding capacity.


Energy consumed


People nowadays have become much more caring for their environment, and as much as possible, they will go for something that can be beneficial for them and for the environment.

Your energy consumption affects and adds up to the heat that causes global warming. That’s why an event called “Earth Hour” is made. When you want

to save much energy, choosing an instant water heater can help you with this

On the other hand, a storage water heater consumes more energy because of its size, and it stores heat in the tank. A good example of a water heater that consumes less energy are models from trusted water heater brands in Singapore like Ariston AN30 and Joven JH25L that are proven to lower your energy consumption.


Product Care and Longetivity

According to our plumber experts, water heater supplier, together with our customers Instant water heaters have an average life span of 10 to 15 years.To add up, It is advisable to get the wiring check every 3 to 5 years to avoid electrical shock or emergencies.

For storage water heaters, the average lifespan would be 8 to 13 years on average. However, doing a water tank flushing every five years can extend the life expectancy of the storage water heater.




When buying either an instant water heater or a storage water heater, it is important to check for a warranty of the unit bought. Warranty can be of service or for its parts. The duration of the warranty varies on what type of water heater unit you have. For instant water heaters, they usually have a 1-year warranty, and for the storage water tank, they have a warranty period of 3 to 10 years for its parts, but that still depends on the brand and where you bought your water heater unit.



There are many things you need to consider before buying a water heater unit in Singapore. The model together with the brand that you will get can affect the price range of the water heater unit that you will buy. Some may cost more because of their features or water holding capacity if you are planning to buy a storage water heater. These factors can help you decide on what type of water heater to buy, may it be an instant water heater or a storage water heater. Nonetheless, to ensure that you will get your water heater from trusted brands, our reliable plumber  from Everyworks Singapore can help you with the water heater installation or check pipes in your bathroom that have leakage and repair it.


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