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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional To Install Your Storage Water Heaters

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The process for installing a water heater is rigid and different from most of the home appliances you may have in your household. When installing a storage water heater, it the following is required – wiring, piping for both cold and hot water, and an electrical power connection. Since there is a lot of information everywhere, some think that they can do a “DIY water heater installation”. However, it is important to get a professional plumber to install your water heaters and avoid dangers.

Below are reasons why you should hire a professional to install your storage water heaters.


They Practice Safety First


The very reason why most families look for a reliable plumber to install their water heater is for their own safety. Doing a water heater installation requires electrical and water line connections, any mistakes during the installation process can hinder the water heater unit to work. Also, there is a chance of getting a water heater leakage or electrical shocks if it is not properly installed. Moreover, the plumber knows the best technique for the water heater installation.


It Is Cost-Effective


Choosing to install the water heater by yourself may lead to more water heater problems. You will be spending more time searching for information, tools, and other supplies. Also, the damage caused during the installation might incur additional costs to get it repaired. That is why hiring a plumber is worth your money since he knows the things to look out for when installing a water heater. The plumber will do the work efficiently and share tips that can make your installed water heater last longer.


They Are Properly Trained

One of the advantages of finding a recommended plumber to install your storage water heater is that they are properly trained by the company that handles them. To install the water heater properly, they will usually know information about the water heater such as the design, the different sizes, and dimensions. They will also ensure that your water heater is not faulty which may lead to water heater failure in the future.


They Are Knowledgeable


The plumber hired to install any type of storage water heaters or instant water heaters has a lot of experience installing water heaters in residential and commercial areas of varying sizes. They know the types, different sizes, and top brands of water heaters – including their cost of installation. A professional plumber can identify water heater issues right away due to the fact that they have experience and in-depth knowledge of installing a water heater.


They Provide Maintenance Tune-Ups

The lifespan of your water heater will depend on how you maintain it.  You can try to contact the plumber who has installed the water heater to schedule a water heater maintenance where they can check if the water heater components are still working and do cleanups and provide repairs or replacement of the water heater if needed.



Hiring a professional to do the water installation for your water heater can make your life easier. Expert plumbers can do the job perfectly since they have in-depth knowledge of the proper techniques for doing the water heater installation. At Everyworks Singapore, we have trained plumbers to do the water heater installation for you.


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This article is reproduced from Water Heater City.

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