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5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Instant Water Heater Installation

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In Singapore, water heaters have a vital role in every household. If you wish to install an instant water heater but are unaware of its benefits and costs, then you must contact a professional water heater services. The following are reasons to opt to install an instant water heater:


You Can Enjoy An Instant Supply of Hot Water


Most of the time, you will prefer not to wait too long to supply hot water in your household as it can affect your everyday routine. That is why instant water heaters are designed to supply hot water all day. Storage water heaters can also be a good choice to supply hot water at home, but they are limited in size resulting in a limited supply of hot water. The difference between a storage water heater and an instant water heater is that instant water heaters have limitless capacity to instantly provide hot water.


You Can Have Endless Hot Water


It is frustrating to discover that your water heater has reached its limit to produce hot water, now you will have to wait for a while before it gets heated. By installing instant hot water, you will not need to wait – one of the advantages of installing it. On the other hand, a storage water heater has a tank that can run out of warm water, thus it needs to be heated for the next supply. However, instant water heaters like the Ariston SMC33 and Rubine RWH 1388 assure you of an endless supply of hot water all day.


You Can Save More Energy


You consume more energy because of ineffectual appliances. You can avoid this with instant water heaters for they are intended to heat water only when required. Instant water heaters immediately heat water once you turn it on, in contrast to storage water heaters that continuously run water to keep it at the right temperature. Lastly, instant water heaters save more energy by 10 to 50% – making them energy-efficient compared to regular water heaters. It is important to install energy efficient water heaters because it reduces operating costs resulting in lower electricity bills per month; provided they do not have a water leak that surges your water bill consumption.


It Can Last Longer

As a matter of fact, nobody wishes to often replace or repair their water heaters, hence instant water heaters are made to last longer. Instant water heaters can last up to more than 20 years when maintained properly, in contrast to storage water heaters whose maximum lifespan is just less than 12 years.


You Can Have Clean Water

clean water-reasons-to-opt-instant-water-installation-everyworks-plumber-singapore

One of the fundamental needs is clean water and for that matter, installing a water heater could be a real game-changer. This is certainly accurate since instant water heaters do not hold water. Contrary to instant water heaters, one of the common issues with storage water heaters is that water problems occur like sediment build-up and corrosion in the inner parts. You can have clean water for your showers and baths.



Installing an instant water heater will definitely provide comfort to Singaporean families. Enjoying an endless supply of hot water and saving more energy are just some of the reasons why you should opt for an instant water heater. If you decide to install an instant water heater, consider acquiring water heater services to guide you into buying a water heater that suits your needs.


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This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.

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