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4 Ways To Prepare For A Water Heater Replacement

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Do you want to replace your storage heaters with an energy-efficient instant water heater? Simply relying on product reviews could lead you to purchase the wrong water heater for your space. Avoid water heater leaks and other risks during water heater repairs or replacements when you prepare before plumbers visit your place. 

Here are the necessary tools plumbers and you can use to prepare for the installation of your new water heaters. 

  • Voltage Tester
  • Flexible Hoses
  • Sandpaper Cloth
  • Plumbers Tape/ Pipe Dope
  • Tubing (Pipe) Cutter
  • Wrench And Screwdriver
  • Solder Wire And Soldering Flux Connected To The Torch

You don’t have to install new water heaters yourself, but you can make the water heater installation process faster with some DIY techniques. 


Turn Off The Heater’s Electricity Supply


Before any water heater service starts, one of the things to note during a water heater installation is turning your electric supply off. Disconnect it without affecting other home appliances by turning it off from the circuit breaker panel.

Some of the storage water heater common issues during replacements are related to electricity, like circuit breaker trips. Prevent this from happening when you check for electric current using a voltage tester.

There are safety precautions to follow when using a water heater, and you should apply some of them in preparation for your water heater replacement. After switching off your circuit breaker, disconnect the electrical wires above the water heater. Also, take note of the differences between a storage water heater and an instant water heater. Their cables and other features may be different so take the time to take a picture and label them. You can use them as guides before starting your water heater again. 


Ensure Adequate Ventilation


When preparing for a water heater replacement, your bathroom or space needs adequate ventilation. Some of the problems with water heaters are caused by the condensation when draining hot water. When you hire a professional water heater installer, they can easily find signs of water heater failure and repair your condensate drain to remove forming of moisture.


Drain The Water Heater Tank


If you’re experiencing common water heater issues, you need a professional plumber to check or repair your water heater. If the plumber visits you the next day or in the afternoon, you can open the hot water tap and start the drain. Do this with extra care as you might identify water leaks and may scald yourself during the process. When the faucet finally releases cold water, you can turn off your water heater faucet.  However, cold water is not the end of your draining process. Understand the storage and electric water heater and its elements before draining the water completely.

Connect the hose to the drain valve and then turn the hot water, drain, and T&P valves open. After this procedure, you can tell your plumbers about your preparation. One of the reasons you should hire a professional to install your storage water heaters is that certified plumbers practice safety. They can safely close the valves and do anything necessary to use your new water heater without problems. 


Plan For Electrical Access

One of the importance of proper water heater installation is the electrical access. Install a power socket near or inside your bathroom to make it easier for professional plumbers to install or replace your old water heater. 

Some things you should know about water heater installation are the power sockets. Ensure your power socket can take on electrical appliances at 120 volts. You can connect the water heater to another source using a direct line. While most popular water heater brands offer the same voltage requirement, you can also save energy by installing energy-efficient water heaters today!



Whether you want your water heater repaired or replaced, these safety reminders can help you and your plumbers do the service fast and securely. Before turning off your electricity supply, checking adequate ventilation, draining the water heater, and installing a power socket, ensure you have the necessary tools to perform them. If you find water heater leaks and other water leakages, it’s best to let professional plumbers at Everyworks check them for safety. 


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This article was reproduced from Water Heater City Singapore.

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