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What is The Difference Between a Zigbee Smart Switch from a Z-wave Smart Switch

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Most homeowners who want to turn their home into a smart home find it practical to purchase a smart switch as well as see it as essential for them. However, some people find it hard to decide on which type of smart switch to select or worry about the light installation process or the electrical cost that they will spend.

Our electrician services at Everyworks Singapore offer light switch services at a low cost. To help you choose the right switch set up for your household, we crafted a guide below in which we will specifically talk about the differences between Zigbee smart switches and Z-wave smart switches that will help you to not be confused.


Zigbee Switches vs. Z-Wave Switches



Zigbee Has An Open Standard Feature 

An open standard communication protocol is used for Zigbee smart switches as well as their smart products. On the latter, Z-wave smart switches use a Silicon lab-owned proprietary standard. Considered as a weakness but not a myth regarding a home smart switch is its strength when it comes to securing compatibility, anyone can access the Zigbee standard and change it accordingly due to the openness of Zigbee smart switches


More Device Can Be Connected to Zigbee

If you have experienced usual problems with your smart switches, it is better to call an electrician to help you. If none, it is better to understand how smart switches work with other units.  Z-wave smart switches together with Zigbee smart switches communicate using a network system that transfers signals from one device to another upon reaching the hub. Unfortunately, a maximum of four “hops from one device to the other until it reaches the hub is what Z-wave only allows.  However, Zigbee switches allow as many hops as possible until the hub is reached. It is best to read through a smart switch buying guide to assess what switch you need for the number of devices you have.

It is ideal to use a Zigbee and Z-wave for home automation as well as with commercial use. EMA Licensed Electrician or DIY installed Smart switches manufactured by Z-wave can connect up to 232 devices. On the other hand, Zigbee can connect with a higher number of devices, up to 65 000 devices. 


There Is A Wider Network Reach for Z- Wave Switches

There are pros and cons of using a smart hub for your smart switch. For example, Z-Wave can connect much fewer devices than Zigbee smart switches, but it has a much wider network reach. Z-wave switches can connect devices ranging from 100 meters in the distance. For Zigbee smart switches, they tend to have a narrower range of 10 meters to 75 meters only because it is designed for a residential space. However, it is important to secure your smart hubs for smart switch to function.


Devices Are Unified with Z-Wave Devices

One good thing about a Zigbee smart switch is it provides an automated communication protocol and other use such as with energy management or even home hospital care. However, you might find it hard to connect it with other devices if you do not have a neutral wire for smart switches as well as with a different protocol. For Z-wave, you will seldomly experience such difficulty because Z-wave can communicate with devices that have a different protocol. Z-Wave switches also have unique identifiers so they can be easily identified when connecting to a network which is an advantage of Wi-Fi and bluetooth smart switches


Consumes Less Energy with Zigbee Switches


An advantage of Zigbee smart switches is that they consume less energy. Zigbee devices like a smart switch as well as with smart bulbs can be used up to 6 months, given that it uses two standard alkaline batteries.


Experience Less Congestion With Z-Wave Switches

Zigbee smart switches can work if specific ISM bands are used like the following: 68 MHz in Europe, 915 MHz in the United States, and 2.4 GHz worldwide. By this, your long-range connection network is secured, and keep in mind as well that your connection hubs, smart switches, or other electrical installation must be cleaned to make sure it works efficiently.  On the other hand, you are likely to experience slow connection since multiple devices are connected. However, a reason why you should install a smart switch for your household is that it provides a lot of comforts and is proven to lessen your workloads


What Type Of Smart Switch Should I Install?


Installing or changing light switches like Z-wave smart switches and Zigbee smart switches have their advantages and disadvantages. To help you decide which of these smart switches you should install, here are the things that you take note of: 


What Is The Capacity Of The Devices That Needs To Be Integrated To The Network?

Installing a Zigbee smart switch is enough if you only need to connect a few smart devices. However, it is advisable to install a Z-wave smart switch instead if you are using multiple devices but also be wary of the electrical safety tips when installing smart switches to avoid future electrical issues that could occur. 


Devices Distance With Each Other

We recommend that you install smart switches made by Zigbee to prevent power trips from occurring, especially  if you intend to use smart devices that are within proximity to each other. On the latter, Installing a Z-wave smart switch is an ideal option if you have devices that are pretty far from each other. 



Differentiating Zigbee smart switches from Z-wave smart switches can be easy due to the different features that they have, but they also have similarities with each other. There can also be many factors that you should consider when installing a smart switch that you need to consider. If you find it hard to decide on which smart switch to install or any electrical services that you need for your household, our reliable electricians can help you select, replace your light switch, or as well as do the switch installation for you. At Everyworks Singapore, we provide a fast and neat switch installation process at a reasonable cost. 


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