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Common Myths Regarding Home Smart Switch Installation

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There are many appliances that have become more and more innovative throughout the years, and the automation industry has continued to grow even up until now. Many homes, condos, and HDB units have welcomed different modern home appliances like smart light bulbs and high-tech aircons that not only consume less energy but also bring a new look to the home’s traditional layouts and interiors.

Together with the different electrical switch innovations and new technology on many different appliances, smart light switches have become renowned. It is a device that can be connected to the internet to control light bulbs, security cameras, speakers, and more entertainment systems. Although smart switches have proven to become diverse and beneficial, there are people who are not yet convinced into installing smart light switches in their homes, and here’s why:



They Are Complicated to Install

Whenever you start hearing the words “smart home” or “smart switch”, you may think that it requires a high knowledge of how to operate high-tech devices. However, smart light switches, in reality, are very easy to use and even install. You can start by connecting it with your local network or Wi-Fi, installing an app on your phone, and then you can start controlling your light bulbs and home appliances without experiencing any inconvenience.



They Use Heavy Amounts of Energy


Many people think that installing a smart light switch will add up to their consumption of energy at home. In truth, this is the most common and disagreeable stereotype for smart switches and devices. There is a specific function to every smart switch that requires it to consume less energy than your traditional light switches at home. Light switch replacement is probably needed if you still have the very old ones.

Unlike these old switches, when you install a smart light switch, you can also track your overall energy consumption and you will start to notice how low it consumes energy along with it being more convenient than the old ones.




They Are Prone To Security Breaches

Devices that use internet connection can sometimes risk your home’s security. However, it will always depend on whether you have chosen a reliable smart light switch to be installed inside your homes and offices. These devices are designed to have high-security functions. Hence, it has features that are sure to get your homes secured. If you still worry about your security while using a smart switch at home, you can always personalize your authentication options in the settings of your device or Wi-Fi routers.



They Are Difficult To Use


Most of the time, people’s perception of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart light switches revolve around it being hard to use. However, it is not that complicated. Smart light switches can be easily connected to your local networks at home and you can use them anytime without any hassle. The only thing you need to do is to install the correct app on your phone and you are good to go.




It Is Very Costly To Buy


Some smart light switches available in the market can really be more expensive than the traditional ones, but it will also vary on your own preference. Smart switches that have more features than the others are expected to be costlier. It will always depend on which features it has and on its design. However, the list of affordable options on smart switches is relatively long and there are those that are very affordable. Just make sure to get a smart light switch that suits the needs of your home.




There are many misconceptions about installing a smart light switch at home. However, if you have the knowledge and an idea of its benefits then you will find out that what you have been thinking all along is wrong. If you need assistance on which smart switch to get installed, then you should call a trusted company like Everyworks Singapore.


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