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5 Usual Problems with Smart Switches and How to Fix Them

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If you want to incorporate smart technology into your new or current homes, having electrical switches installed like smart switches can be at the top of your options.

These types of switches are meant to bring more convenience than wall light switches because they can be controlled remotely and easily. However, it can cause various problems if it is not installed the right way. Here is a list of usual problems you may encounter with smart switches and how to fix them:


Voice Assistant Does Not Respond

Whenever you use your smart switches with Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa, you may experience a delay or a failure in response. These applications do not need any complicated installation but if things like delay or failure happen, you should make sure that your installed smart switch has a stable internet connection and your microphone is working.

Additionally, if you are using two voice assistants or more, the delay or failure to respond could be a result of another device capturing your voice commands instead. When this happens, you can change your devices’ wake words or put these devices at a distance.


Switch Does Not Connect to All Lights


If you have a newly installed smart switches at home, you may encounter a problem of it not connecting to all lights. However, this problem happens if you are using different applications to control them. It is best to just use one application to control your lights even if it has a feature that can be connected to more than one. However, if the problem still persists, you may want to call a reliable electrical contractor to assist you because your switches may have a hardware defect.


Does Not Connect to Wi-Fi


You may find a variety of choices when buying a smart switch that can be connected to Bluetooth, but a lot of them require a connection to Wi-Fi. However, problems start to occur when your Wi-Fi connection is unstable. You can make sure your smart light switch is placed in a spot wherein it is closer to your router to make the connection faster. Another method you can try is unplugging and replugging them before checking if it works after a few seconds later.


Battery Drains Quickly

If you want the batteries of your newly installed smart switch to perform longer, you should make sure that its settings are configured in a way that it protects and saves battery life. Make sure to check if your smart switch is connected to a stable Wi-Fi. Otherwise, your smart switches’ batteries will drain very quickly.

The most ideal thing to do in situations like these is to install your smart switch at a spot nearby your home network, so that it can be more responsive and its battery will last longer.


Switch Is Difficult to Control


Ideally, if you are using a smart switch, it should be more convenient than using a traditional light switch. However, you can still encounter problems wherein you cannot properly adjust your lights or turn it on or off by using your phone. This may be a problem caused by improper wiring or an unstable internet connection.



Having a smart home or smart hubs can be very exciting at first but you should always be aware that they come with slight complications or problems. However, if you have knowledge as to why it happens and on how to fix them, you will not encounter much inconvenience in the future.

Whether your installed smart light switch fails to respond to voice assistant, your Wi-Fi smart switches become less responsive because of low internet connection, it becomes hard to control, or even if its battery drains quickly, there is not a problem we at Everyworks Singapore cannot fix. If you want to prevent these things from happening, contact us and we will give you our team of experienced licensed electricians to ensure that your smart switches are installed properly and will be efficient long-term.


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