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Do you know that hundreds of people are treated or hospitalized due to electricity-related injuries in Singapore every year? Most these injuries are because of unqualified people not follow general electrical safety tips while carrying out DIY electrical works. AEMA-licensed electrician has gone through the necessary training and have sufficient qualifications to have the experience in their field. These licenses are issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) in Singapore. 


Here are five of the best reasons to hire an EMA licensed electrical worker: 













  1. Safety

One of the biggest risks in hiring unlicensed electrical workers to carry out electrical work in your home or office is the potential for damage to both people and property caused by their shoddy electrical works. Important electrical services such as installation, repair or modification of electrical wirings, changing power socket outletslighting fixtures and circuit breakers must be done by a licensed electrical worker. 

Identifying a licensed electrician is easy because the Energy Market Authority of Singapore issues them with an identity card that bears a photograph, name, ID card number and license number. The license number can be verified on the EMA website.  












  1. Proper training

A qualified electrician in Singapore has gone through all the government-approved tests to prove their understanding. This means they are knowledgeable enough to handle all your electrical projects and know the correct ways to ensure that your building is safe and up to city codes.


  1. Reliability

Licensed electricians are either independent contractors or affiliated with a company. They always have a registered address, phone number and other contact information. This means they can be reached anytime on several channels whenever you have issues with repairs, questions or enquiries. 









  1. Quality service

A reliable electrician makes you feel safe with their experience and expertise, as well as, their commitment to provide quality customer service. At Everyworks, we guarantee satisfaction from our three pillars of principles:  

  • Putting Your Convenience First
  • Openness and Transparency 
  • PrideInWorkmanship  

Unlike some electrical companies, we ensure that we follow up after the electrical service has been done, to ensure everything has gone smoothly. If there were any need to further assist you, our fast and responsive customer service officers will jump right on it.  


  1. Trust

The best way to glean if the electrical contractor is through its online reviews. Volume and quality speaks for itself, and you can quickly gauge whether the service provided is genuine and good. Providing other assurances like workmanship warranty and electrical product warranty is also a solid way to measure reliability. 

Everyworks Singapore gives you the quickest solution to resolve all home maintenance issues faced by the busy modern individual. Fast response, fast arrangements and quality workmanship at reasonable and affordable prices.  As a leading trusted service provider in Singapore, we have served over 20,000 customers delivering outstanding service with hundreds of highly-rated reviews of our professional plumberelectricianaircon servicing technicians and handyman teams. Read through our articles and browse our past works to find out more about our home services in Singapore. To find a quick solution to your home repair woes, contact our dedicated and fast response customer support with a picture or a quick text either by Whatsapp at +65 82410032 or calling us at +65 6909 0990. For email enquiries, send it to

This article is reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore