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3 Things You Can Do If You Do Not Have a Neutral Wire for Smart Switch

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Singapore has a new trend nowadays and that is having a smart home. May it be upgrading their homes or even building it from scratch. However, some Singaporean homeowners do not choose to have a complete smart home set-up but choose to install smart switches instead.

If you also want to install a smart switch but your current homes do not have neutral wires, then here is a list of possible things you can do:


Consider Adding Neutral Wires


You can install neutral wires in the middle of your present fixtures and switch boxes. Not only does it help you with your smart switch installation but it will definitely level up your whole home’s electrical system. Although, this solution is not that easy to do if you want a DIY installation. This process is ideally done by an EMA-Licensed electrician. However, the downside to this is that it can add up to your expenses.


Opt for Dimmable Smart Bulbs Instead


If the reason why you want a smart switch is just to have dimmable lights, then you should opt for dimmable smart bulbs instead. This particular smart gadget is not hard to install and is compatible with almost all of the other smart gadgets available.

Although dimmable bulbs can only be called smart bulbs if you connect it to a smart switch. If you operate it with your traditional light switches, then it is not far from the usual dimmable bulbs in the market.


Choose Switches That Do Need Neutral Wire

The last and best thing to do is to search for a smart switch that does not need a neutral wire to be installed. Smart switches that do not neutral wires are also available in the market, and it will come with its own smart hub and light switch kit. However, additional smart light switches may also be required but you need not to worry because these types of light switches also come with an on-off button and its own dimming features.

After the smart switch installation, you can now proceed with connecting your smart switches to the smart hub to use its smart control feature. With this, you can control your switches with your smartphones.

It is indeed tough to look for the best kind of smart switch that can be installed even without an existing neutral wire. If you want to be sure with the installation of your smart switches, it is ideal to call an expert with years of experience in installing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart switches, and even other variants of smart switches. A reliable electrical contractor can indeed offer a hand at the lowest price.



Not having existing neutral wires does not equate to not enjoying the convenience of having a smart home system. There are things you can do like opting to install dimmable smart light bulbs, consider adding neutral wires, or simply look for a smart switch that does not need neutral wires to work.

Hence, your smart switch installation needs can be complete if you call a professional like Everyworks Singapore to do the job for you. We have the best technicians to cater to all your smart switch installation services.


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This article is reproduced from Smart Switch City Singapore.

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