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Proper Ways To Clean Your Electrical Installations

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Over time, electrical installations can accumulate dust and other particles on their various components. This sometimes causes them to malfunction especially when such dirt is left unnoticed over time. In order to prevent this from happening, your electrical installations and devices should be checked and cleaned regularly. In case you lack the time to perform these tasks yourself, you can opt to hire a commercial or  HDB electrician. Otherwise, be sure to take note of the following methods:


Light Switches


Light switches are used everyday by most homeowners to turn on and off their light fixtures. Since they are frequently touched, they often accumulate heavy amounts of dirt. As such, it is important to clean them regularly in order to prevent them from malfunctioning. You can use a disposable napkin and microfiber cloth to wipe off grime and dust from the switch plate. In case you find these difficult to remove however, feel free to use other cleaning tools at your disposal.


Power Sockets  

Power sockets are one of most used household installations which makes them highly prone to dirt and dust. When cleaning power sockets, the first thing that you have to do is disconnect them from their power source. If you wish, you can also choose to turn off your circuit breaker before removing the cover and screws of your power socket. To clean the cover of your socket, you can use detergent solution to remove the accumulated dirt. Just remember that when cleaning with liquid solutions, you need to allow the components to dry properly before putting them back. In case of cracks and other forms of damage on your power sockets, it might be better to avail of electrical services from professional electricians instead. 


Light Installations  


In Singapore, there are a variety of light installations for homeowners to choose from. Regardless of what type you have in your home, take note that light fixtures can easily accumulate dust. If not cleaned regularly, these dust particles can affect the lighting in your room which oftentimes can be disconcerting. To clean them, turn off your light switch and remove the bulb from the socket. Afterward, wipe it with a damp cloth until all signs of dust are eliminated. Make sure to dry the bulb properly before screwing it back into its socket to prevent any electric shocks. For best results, it is recommended that you use a dusting tool with a long handle.

For light installations with complicated structures like chandeliers, make sure to wipe their framework and all their bulbs to remove each and every speck of dirt and dust. You can also opt to wipe the bulbs with essential oil to add fragrance to the room where they are installed. When reassembling your light installations, secure all parts properly to prevent them from becoming damaged. 

Make time to thoroughly clean the electrical components at least twice per year. By doing so, you can avoid any need for costly light repairs.


Circuit Board 

Circuit boards inside electrical devices must also be cleaned. At times, these devices can malfunction when dirt gets stuck on their components. There are different cleaning tools that you can use to clean circuit boards. Although many experts have claimed that using compressed air is the most effective method. If you are unable to completely remove the dust particles on your circuit breaker, feel free to use soft-bristle paint brushes, microfiber cloth, and cleaning agents. If your circuit board is beyond cleaning or repairing however, you may want to have it replaced by any professional electrical contractor in Singapore


Ceiling Fan 


Ceiling fans can easily gather dust on their blades due to the friction they create when they turn. If the ceiling fan is positioned in a high location, you can simply use a ladder to reach the fan and use a dusting tool and a microfiber cloth to clean it. You can also choose to make use of a liquid solution to remove the accumulated dirt. For a ceiling fan with light installations, the bulbs and other light fixtures should also be cleaned to prevent the dirt from getting into the fan. While cleaning, you can check if these show any signs of damage so you can have the necessary electrical works done to have them fixed. 



The key to long-lasting electrical installations is regular cleaning and maintenance. Properly cleaning these appliances using the methods mentioned above will ensure that they are free from dust and dirt so you can complete your household tasks easily. Do not forget however that thorough cleaning alone is not enough to keep your installations working properly. Regular inspections must also be performed by trusted professionals like Everyworks Singapore. We have knowledgeable and skilled licensed electricians who can easily identify any kind of electrical issues you have. To book our services, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp. 


At Everyworks Singapore, we strive to provide the best home maintenance services for Singaporeans. As such, we ensure fast appointment arrangements, immediate customer response, and highly fair and affordable costs for any services which you might need. Our extremely professional and experienced electricians, plumbers, aircon servicing technicians, and handymen also make sure that our clients’ repairs and installations are done thoroughly and quickly as seen on our many positive Facebook reviews and Google reviews. To learn more about our home services, feel free to view our past home maintenance articles and works. For quick appointment booking, contact our responsive customer support team either by sending a picture or quick text through our Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032.


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