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Electrical Wiring Tools and Terms That Electricians Use

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Electrical wiring and rewiring is a simple method, although it demands enough understanding and practice to be able to perform the electrical work well. It is possible to do DIY electrical work for us to save money. However, if we commit some errors along the way, it would cost us even more. Keep in mind that when it involves our electrical wirings, it needs to be done by a licensed electrician who works at a reputable electrical servicing company. Always find an electrician who has enough experience in working with electrical wirings to ensure your safety, and they provide a warranty as well. It is ideal to know the terms and equipment that is used by a professional electrician to have knowledge about the procedure and not miss out on comparing to other companies. 


Different Types of House Wiring

Electric Meters


This tool is used by licensed electricians to measure the energy that is needed for a specific point. The usual unit to measure the electricity usage is called kilowatt-hour. It is the total usage of electricity in loading one kilowatt per hour.

Major Service Panel

This panel distributes the power supply to every circuit in the household. Circuit breakers have an emergency fuse that will immediately turn off the power supply if overloading happens.

Service Head

This is the this where the aerial electrical wiring installation passes through for the power supply to enter your home. The three wires carry 240-volts, then 2 of the wires hold 120-volts and the other one is neutral. 

Electrical Boxes


Generally, electrical boxes are located in low-level areas of your home. If ever you experience a power failure, at least you are familiar with where it is placed. In wiring, the wires need to pass through the electrical box to organize the connection. These are the endpoints wherein the wires are attached to the switches.

Ground Wire

This electrical wire is essential as it connects the electric circuit to the ground with rods made out of copper. It is a neutral wire wherein it is mainly used in returning the electric current to the main power supply.


Tools Need for House Wiring


  • Insulated screwdriver
  • Swivel screwdriver
  • Linesman pliers
  • Fish Tape
  • Wire strippers
  • Cable ripper
  • Electrical tape
  • Electricity or circuit tester
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Hammer

The mentioned hardware is commonly used in house wiring or rewiring. You can buy them in any hardware shop or legitimate electrical tool seller. If you plan in doing DIY electrical work, always ensure the safety of everyone.



In electrical wiring and rewiring, it is best if you have the knowledge on which tools are going to be used for you to understand the process of this electrical work. You may also perform a DIY electrical installation or replacement, although if you commit even the slightest mistake, the repair and damages would cost you even more. It is highly recommended if you contact an electrical servicing company like Everyworks Singapore, to do electrical rewiring in your home. Our electricians have years of experience and are trusted to do any kind of electrical service.


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This article was reproduced from Daylight Electrician Singapore.

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