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What To Consider When Hiring A Door Knob and Handle Installer

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Just like tables and chairs, door knobs and handles play a critical role in any home. Installing door knobs and handles can provide homeowners with a lot of convenience as it allows them to perform their daily chores more efficiently. It is also ideal to hire a professional handyman or locksmith to install these hardware for you to prevent unnecessary damages or injuries. You will also be able to ensure that your door knobs and door handles are installed properly.

There are plenty of professionals that declare they offer professional door services including door repair and door handle installation services. However, not all of them are able to deliver high-quality services. Some may even set an exorbitant amount for their service charges. You should take note of the following factors when hiring a professional door knob and handle installer to minimise the chances of exceeding your budget. 




One of the benefits of hiring a professional handyman to install your door knobs and handles is their experience. Thus, experience is one of the most critical factors you should consider. If the professional handyman has extensive experience in door knob installations, they are better able to install your door handles and knobs properly. Conversely, if they have limited experience in such works, there is a higher likelihood of damages and improper installation. Hence, you should always check how experienced the professional handyman is before engaging their services.




Regardless of whether you are looking for a professional to install your cabinet knobs or door handles or cabinet door hinge repair, you should always look for online reviews of the professional handyman. This gives you a better idea of the quality of their services. However, if you are worried about the credibility of the reviews posted on their website or social media, you should also look for unofficial reviews often found on forums or Google reviews. You should also research as much as possible on the handyman’s servicing costs and workmanship.




Just like how homeowners can make common door lock installation mistakes, the best professionals too can make mistakes when installing door knobs and handles. You should check if the professional who is performing this service offers a warranty guarantee to fix such problems without additional costs or not. If they do, you will not have to schedule another appointment or spend more money on door knob replacements or repairs to rectify this problem. 




Sometimes, a professional handyman can suffer from unintended injuries when doing door knob or handle installation. Hence, it is paramount that you are protected from any claims of liability. One way you can do so is by asking the professional to prove that they are covered by insurance before hiring them. This also allows you to determine their reliability to perform the services you require. 


Servicing Cost

When engaging services like door lock repair and door handles installation, there are other costs that homeowners incur in addition to the installation cost. Unfortunately, some professionals would take advantage of their clients by charging them more. You can avoid such circumstances by asking the service professional to provide you with a cost breakdown. Do not forget to ask if their services might incur additional costs like the cost of materials. If they are unable to do so, you should immediately look for another professional who is able to offer you transparent pricing and quotes. 



Not all professionals install door knobs and handles in a respectable and affordable manner. As such, you should always check and confirm their level of experience before hiring them. You can check reviews of their past works to determine their workmanship standards. It is also vital to check if they offer a warranty guarantee to account for any installation mistakes. You should also check if they are covered by insurance to protect yourself against liability claims. Additionally, you should ask them to explain in detail about their servicing costs to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses. 

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