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What Are the Pros & Cons of Using a Smart Hub as a Smart Switch Control

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Most people in Singapore have a smart switch installed in their household together with other automated devices in their homes. Installing smart switches requires much effort to keep them updated. One of the things that makes it compatible with Bluetooth, WiFi, or networks like Z-wave and Zigbee is the smart hub which requires in-depth electrical work.

However, installed smart hubs have their own downsides as well. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of having a smart hub installed by a certified electrician.


Pros of Using a Smart Hub as a Smart Switch Control


Accurate Automation


A centralized automation setting for your home is one of the best features of a smart hub that an EMA-licensed electrician can install for you. A

smart hub is very efficient because it unites every smart switch you bought, thus creating a centralized automated system in your household.

Smart hub easily accepts data networks and unites WiFi and Bluetooth smart switches connections as well as Zigbee and Z-Wave switches that can be managed in a single app effortlessly.


Energy Efficient

One of the things smart hubs can do is it can turn off smart switches and other smart automated devices in your home when you are not using them, these information are all included in the smart switch guide that comes with your newly bought smart switch.  If you are planning to save money on your electric bill consumption, calling an electrician to install the smart hub can help you because it lessens the energy caused by home appliances.


More Convenient

Smart hub makes everything convenient and also connects networks in your households like smart switches and other devices conveniently. Turning off your installed lights will not be a hassle since you have this smart hub that can do the job. However, this can only work if the electrical installation is working. Smart hub plays a big role in your household’s productivity because you can skip the manual steps needed to operate your devices. With a smart hub, command control and scheduling are one touch away from a single interface.


Can Access Remotely

The Internet plays a big role in your smart hub because you can access your smart devices when connected to the internet even if you are far away.  Replacing your light switch with a modern one can make it easier to control with a smart hub. if it happens that you have left it open after leaving your home because you can switch them off with your electrician installed switch or DIY installed smart switch via your smart hub.


Safety Features

Your smart hub lets you enable your security set-up provided that window, door sensors, and security cameras are activated. Activation of these devices is one of the electrical services in Singapore that needs an urgent appointment. With the smart hub technological features, viewing your home anywhere will not be a problem and you will get push notifications when movement is detected while you are away which also indicates that the electrical installations are functioning properly.


Custom Builds


Smart hubs can be easily modified depending on the situation. Factors like the number of smart switches to install will depend on how much you need it, your space in your house, or the purpose of using it (like for security, tracking, etc…), and your budget for the electric services rates as well. These are the things that you can adjust or make preparations for when installing a light switch or smart hubs


Cons of Using a Smart Hub as a Smart Switch Control




Buying a smart hub is costly because you need to purchase other smart devices separately and also the computer protocols inside the product. It is also expensive to have a smart switch installed together with acquiring a smart hub. Finding a reliable electrical contractor in Singapore can help you decide before you install or buy a smart hub.


Global Protocol is Lacking

You may find it hard to connect different smart gadgets because of its smart hub global protocol limitations. It’s advisable to get compatible smart devices like the smart hub, smart switch, or smart led bulb to maximize the usage of these products. If not, you may find it difficult to control these smart devices with various applications needed.

Luckily, we have a reliable electric contractor who can install light switches or smart hubs for you and will help you configure the compatibility of your devices for a one-of-a-kind smart home experience.


Security issues

Your security is at risk when your smart hub gets hacked by a cybercriminal because devices connected to it might be an easy target for them. It is also important to keep in mind to take precautions when selecting an HDB-approved electrician in Singapore to avoid scams. With today’s technological advancement, online vulnerability and cybercrime are widespread and you can prevent this with the help of identity theft protection services or avoid hiring a cheap electrician in Singapore.


Installing smart hubs for your household will bring comfort and mobility to your tasks at home. These smart devices can be easily connected as long as they are compatible.  You can save more time and maximize technology when you choose to install switches or smart hubs because of the features it has. However, there are some downsides you need to consider before having an electrical installation of smart hub units in your household.  If you are planning to install a smart switch or want to know more about it, Everyworks Singapore has the best staff to introduce smart switch basics to you as well as check your house if some electric wirings need to be repaired.


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This article was reproduced from Smart Switch City.

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