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Are Smart Hubs Necessary for Smart Switches to Function?

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Singaporean homeowners often have a dilemma of whether or not they should install a smart hub inside their homes whenever they start to invest in smart switch installations. Smart hubs may not only be used with smart light switches but with smart devices such as smart refrigerators, speakers, and aircon. The number of smart devices you own will determine whether there is a need for you to own a smart hub.

If you are currently in the process of researching whether you should get a smart hub, continue reading this article to gain more knowledge on the topic:


What Are Smart Switches and How Do They Work?


Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Smart Switch

Most Wi-Fi or Bluetooth light switches are used as replacements for traditional light switches. Smart light switches often require a Wi-Fi connection. However, there are also some that mainly require a Bluetooth connection. Although the downside of connecting to a Wi-Fi connection is that more bandwidth will be consumed with more connected devices. When this happens, the speed of the devices slows down and can cause a bit of an inconvenience to everyone. If you have a larger home, or if you are planning on using a smart switch for your commercial buildings, you should take note of such Wi-Fi light switch cons. However, if you live in a relatively smaller home, you should not have a problem with the bandwidth because less amount will be consumed.


Zigbee and Z-wave Smart Switch

The number of smart switches you need to install in larger homes with several floors and a wide footprint is higher than the average amount. However, if you do not have the budget for additional smart switches, Z-wave and Zigbee smart switches are the most reliable smart switches alternatives. This can also be the most convenient if you want to install smart switches in your offices. The reason why these smart switches are most preferred in these cases is because of the larger range of connectivity that can be maximized with multiple devices.


Do You Need A Smart Hub?


If you do not have enough knowledge of system compatibility and you do not want to make things complicated for your household, it is ideal to have your smart switch connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You do not need a gateway system or hub. You just have to download an app on your smartphone, and you can remotely control your switches at any time.



If you prefer to install a Zigbee or Z-Wave, you will need a smart hub to make it work. For homes that are much larger and have more floors, this is the most reliable option. Even if you connect your Zigbee or Z-Wave smart switch to multiple devices, you can still use it at its maximum capacity as it does not consume your Wi-Fi bandwidth.


Type of Smart Switches To Use According To Your Needs


Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Smart Switches

If you would like to make your home more automated, you should try a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth smart switch. These provide you with a less complicated installation and a more affordable alternative. However, if you are still unsure of the installation process and want more knowledge and assistance, you can easily contact a company that offers affordable smart switch electrician services. They will get the job done for you in no time, with little to no installation mistakes.


Zigbee/Z-Wave Smart Switches

If you have a more advanced home and would like to add more or replace smart light switches, you may want to consider installing a Zigbee or Z-Wave smart switch. They are highly recommended for the following reasons. They are versatile because they can connect with any type of smart device, making it easier and faster to control light installations remotely. They are also Wi-Fi interference-resistant, and are the best alternative for a cloudless, secure, and reliable method of controlling light installations.

For assistance and more knowledge, you can always contact a professional electrician for a swift and reliable installation of your smart switches. After the installation, your homes will become a step ahead of others, more modern and advanced.



You can easily determine if you need a smart hub or not depending on the type of smart switches devices you have, and the ones you would like to install inside your homes. Some HDB homes or condos have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth smart switches and some may prefer to install a Zigbee or Z-Wave smart switch. Although, you should always remember that smart technology and smart home space is still a relatively recent industry even though it is growing rapidly. If you need any assistance from experts, you should not hesitate to call Everyworks Singapore. Our professional electricians will always have the right tools and knowledge to help you in your home modernization plans without any hassle and at the cheapest price.


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