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5 Advantages of Using Zigbee or Z-wave Smart Switches

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Zigbee Smart Switches


Day by day, more Singaporeans continue to opt for smart light switch installation for their residential and commercial setups. A lot of these smart light switches use Zigbee and Z-wave communication protocols. This means that it uses Zigbee and Z-wave technology to control the switches through smartphone apps.

Zigbee is a smart switch that has a smart hub. It automatically communicates with other Zigbee smart hubs and can connect with a range of approximately sixty feet. Through the Zigbee smart hub, you can also connect up to 65,000 switches. If you are currently deciding on getting light switch services and thinking about which smart switch to have your electrician install, you should check your homes and offices to know which system it is most compatible with.




Z-Wave Smart Switches



When you install a smart light switch using a Z-wave protocol, you will be able to control your switches through a distance of approximately 500 feet. It also forms a mesh network because it can be used with up to 300 devices. Z-wave also encounters less Wi-Fi interference when connected at 2.4 GH and uses 800-900 MHz band. Similar to Zigbee, it also requires a smart hub. With all these features said, Z-wave is relatively more expensive than other wireless devices.




Advantages of Zigbee and Z-wave Smart Switches    


Below are the benefits of using a Zigbee or Z-wave wireless protocols with your smart light switch:




It is Expandable

Zigbee and Z-wave both expand the network to add new light switches. Whenever there are changes in the hub, the settings that you have set for the switches will not need any adjusting and it will not reset because of these devices have a mesh network. The devices also do not need an individual password to work. If you are thinking about the configuration of each smart light switch or device, then you do not need to worry because each device or switch does not need to be separately configured.




Wide Range of Home Automation Products

Other than light switches, you can also connect your smart light bulbs, aircons, and cameras to your Zigbee or Z-wave home automation network. It will be relatively easier to monitor these devices when connected to Zigbee or Z-wave because you can control them remotely. You can also set an automatic on or off feature with each device that you connect to it.



Energy Efficiency

Contrary to the common perception, Zigbee or Z-wave protocol will not make your electric bills fluctuate because it only consumes a small amount of energy. By programming your energy consuming appliances or devices to be automatically turned on or off at a specific time, the Zigbee and Z-wave protocol help you to save money on electric bills.




Maintains Wi-Fi Bandwidth

Usually, when you connect another device to your Wi-Fi network, it will affect the connectivity of other devices. In homes in Singapore, this is always the case. Although, with Zigbee and Z-wave smart switches, you do not need to worry about this because it is thoughtfully designed not to affect and reduce the Wi-Fi connectivity of other devices or electrical switches. Zigbee and Z-wave’s range and communication protocol is relatively strong, which is why it does not cause any interference in your local network.





Zigbee and Z-wave smart light switches are the best choice if you need a reliable device for your modern home. It helps you save energy and it makes your life a lot easier. If you want to maximize the benefits of these devices then you should not hesitate to call a smart switch servicing company like Everyworks Singapore. Our technicians will help you install your smart light switches and we can also give you the best possible option that is suited for your homes and offices.



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This article is reproduced from Smart Switch City Singapore.

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