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Advantages of WiFi and Bluetooth Smart Switches

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There are many types of smart gadgets nowadays such as smartphones, smart refrigerators, smartwatches, smart vacuums, and even smart light switches. These gadgets and devices, most especially the smart switch, can be considered as one of the most essential appliances you can get installed inside your home. Hence, Singaporean homeowners opt for installing smart switches inside their homes because it is convenient and it does not require a lot of effort. If you are thinking of getting a smart light switch installed then you should read more about these two main types of smart switches in Singapore:



WiFi Smart Switches


This is a Wi-Fi-enabled light switch that works when you are using a designated app or a display panel. All you have to do is connect it with your local Wi-Fi network and you are good to go. Provided that you made sure that your smart light switch is compatible with your appliances and other devices at home.



Bluetooth Smart Switches

A good example of a Bluetooth light switch is the Zigbee or Z-wave smart switch. It lets you connect your switch to your lights via Bluetooth and control it with your smartphone acting as a remote. The Bluetooth smart switch gives you full control of your lighting system even if you do not go directly to your switch to turn it on or off.




Benefits Of WiFi Or Bluetooth Smart Switches


You are now aware of the two main types of smart switches. Now, let us talk about its benefits:



Low Cost

Many will think that having their regular light switch replaced with a smart switch can cause their electricity bills to fluctuate, but this is not the case. The initial installation of a smart light switch is of course going to cost more than a normal switch, but it has proven to be more cost-effective after a long time of use. That is mainly because of the energy saving function of a smart switch that lets you lower your lighting expenses by up to 60 percent.



Hassle-Free Installation


We can say that installing a smart switch in your home is as hassle-free as replacing an electrical switch. You do not need any special tools to do this, because if you have a pair of pliers and screwdrivers then you can already have a smart light switch. Although, if you are wary about installing it by yourself then you should not hesitate to contact an affordable electrician to do the job.



No Smart Hub Is Needed

You do not absolutely need a smart hub to get your smart switches working smoothly. The installed light switch can be directly connected to your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that is why a smart hub is not required. Another good thing is the app that you will download on your smartphones to connect to your smart switch is also for free.




Installing a smart light switch cannot only give your homes a boost in modernization, but it also has advantages in energy savings. You do not have to invest in a smart hub or even in a smart security system. All the more, having a smart switch is also very convenient and affordable. Luckily, Everyworks Singapore offers affordable smart light switch installation and replacement services and you will not have to worry about the time and effort that you need to exert to have all these benefits.



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This article is reproduced from Smart Switch City Singapore.

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