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Is DIY Smart Switch Installation Possible?

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Installing smart light switches is getting more well-known in Singapore, and that is because smart switches have many advantages to your lifestyle and household. However, there could be a risk to your safety when you opt to do the smart switch installation by yourself. Below are the things you need to know before doing a smart switch installation alone.



Why You Should Be Familiar With How Wiring Works


Smart switches can be hard to install alone if you do not have a background on them, and most people find it challenging to connect the wirings to the smart switch because they do not know much about it.

Do not risk your safety and rely on watching DIY smart switch installation videos, especially since not knowing how to handle electrical wiring properly can result in electrical issues in your electrical switch. Instead, it is better to contact a smart switch installation service to help you.



Importance of Understanding Smart Switch Wiring

Knowing the different types of electrical wiring inside your household and how a smart switch operates can give you an idea of where to start before installing your smart switches.

To do a smart light switch installation, you need to upgrade the tube wiring with the knob to a copper-based material. On the other hand, if your household uses aluminum wiring, installing a smart switch is not recommended.

A minimum rating of 100 amps for your circuit breaker is required before installing the smart switch in your household because this switch takes up a lot of power.



Dangers of a DIY Smart Switch Installation


Seeking a knowledgeable electric service provider to help you install your smart switch can save you more time as compared to doing it by yourself or hiring a cheap electrician. It can also keep you away from the dangers enumerated below:



Incorrect Wiring

Incorrect wiring in your household can lead to electrical emergencies like overheating and fire hazards caused by improper wiring installation, wrong wire length, and not appropriately arranged or mishandled wires. In case this problem occurs, immediately contact an electric maintenance specialist for an electrical wiring replacement.



Wires Are Cut Too Short

A newly installed Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-connected smart switch needs enough electrical wiring installed to ensure that it is working, and keep in mind that leaving exposed wires can be dangerous.

Avoid electrical emergencies by replacing electrical wires as soon as possible and contacting a professional who knows how to install a smart switch device.



Not Disabling The Circuit Breaker


Remember to turn off your circuit breaker before setting up your smart switch. Turning it off will not cut the power supply unless you have crossed the hot wires in the circuit panel, which can result in a trip in your circuit breaker. To avoid this, get in touch with an EMA licensed electrician who can help you identify these issues and help you prevent them.



Possible Fire Hazards

Power sockets are needed for your smart switch products to work. When this power socket gets damaged during the electrical installation process, you may face electrical emergencies like socket sparks which call for an electrical power socket replacement. Socket sparks can be hazardous especially when it gets into contact with highly flammable materials or appliances. To avoid things like this from happening, hiring an expert electrical service provider is advisable.





Smart switches have many benefits for your household, but there can also be some risks that you put yourself into when you opt for the smart switch installation alone. Fortunately, engaging a trusted electrical service provider like Everyworks Singapore can help you save time. We can also prevent an electrical emergency that could lead to a more costly repair.



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This article is reproduced from Smart Switch City Singapore.

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