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How To Fix Your Aircon When It Is Not Cold

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It can be frustrating when an air conditioning unit installed is not working correctly, especially when it is not cold enough and you want to relax.

There are many common aircon issues that could be a reason why your aircon unit is not cold. It is always better to identify them ahead of time to prevent other issues in your aircon unit. It can cost you less than doing several aircon repairs for your unit if prevented beforehand. With that, here are the possible causes why your air conditioning unit is not cold.


Reasons For Aircon Not Being Cold

  1. Lack of Aircon Gas


The refrigerant in your air conditioning unit is responsible for cooling your aircon unit. The evaporator coils work together with other components. When having aircon gas top-up, a liquid coolant is refilled with an that makes your air conditioning unit cold again. In case you experience this try to contact aircon servicing for your aircon gas top-up.


  1. Blocked Air Filters

Air filters are an essential component of your aircon unit because the cold air passes through here. If air filters are blocked, it is better to contact an aircon maintenance service so they can clean your air filters for your unit to work again.


  1. Dirty Condenser Coils

Aircon units that are installed outside tend to get dirt and dust build-up inside the condenser This can affect the air vent that absorbs air to get through the aircon system. It is better to have your unit be cleaned and maintained so it can work and circulate cold air efficiently.


  1. Blocked Evaporator

The evaporator of your air conditioner unit is an essential component of your aircon. If they have issues, these can affect how your aircon unit provides cool air. If your evaporator needs to be repaired, an aircon chemical overhaul can be a solution to prevent future air conditioning cooling issues.


  1. Lack of Coolant or Refrigerant

Some people experience any aircon leakage, especially a coolant leakage that may have caused a low aircon gas. Getting a trusted aircon service company to repair this aircon emergency can help you on this.


  1. Defective Thermostat

If your air conditioning unit does not regulate to a specific temperature, there could be a problem with its thermostat, be it a manual or programmable thermostat. With this kind of air conditioner issue, your unit will not be as cold as before. Immediately contact an aircon service maintenance company when this happens.


  1. Defective Capacitor

There is a component inside a window-type aircon called a capacitor. This is located inside the unit and an aircon repair tool is necessary to fix and open the unit. If left unrepaired, this can cause your unit to blow warm air.


  1. Damaged Ductwork


Check your installed air conditioning unit ductwork, for this may be the cause why the air does not come out of the vent. Damaged ductwork can cause blocking of the aircon passage and a reason why your aircon is not cold.


  1. Faulty Printed Circuit Board

Suppose you are having a hard time distinguishing what cause your aircon unit installed is not cool enough for a room. In that case, there might be an issue with its printed circuit board along with its thermistor as it is responsible for monitoring the air temperature and sends power to the compressor. When this component becomes faulty, it can affect your unit’s cooling capability.


  1. Broken Thermistor

A damaged thermistor needs a replacement right away because it can hinder your unit’s airflow.  Usually, an electronic control model has a thermistor that is responsible for detecting the temperature and sends signals to aircon modules.


  1. Broken Compressor


Damaged compressors can be a reason why your air conditioning unit is not cold and prevents the condenser from distributing refrigerant between the inner and outer units.


  1. Damaged Fan

If you are experiencing cold air coming out of your aircon unit, but it does not seem to go where it usually is, the fan might be damaged. To check it, you can inspect the aircon to check why it is not cold. If you hear a buzzing sound when it is turned on that could be a sign or a call to have your unit be inspected by a professional aircon technician.


  1. Frozen Condenser Unit

The frozen condenser of your air conditioning unit may cause your aircon not to be cold enough. To prevent this, regular aircon servicing maintenance is recommended to avoid more aircon issues that can cost you much more.


  1. Incorrect Aircon Size

Most people do not have a guide before buying an air conditioning unit and they end up getting one that does not fit their residential or commercial area. They think that they can save money with it. In reality, your air condition unit will use much of its energy to cool the whole space, which consumes much energy resulting in higher electric consumption.

Look for these signs on your air conditioning unit if they are not cold. These signs can be fixed with normal aircon servicing conducted by an affordable aircon service provider. If you want to fix your aircon unit, you should consider the following:


Ways To Resolve Your Aircon Not Cold Issues


If you have read an aircon installation guide and your unit does not seem to blow out cold air, and no parts of it seem to be damaged, here are some tips to have it work again.


See If The Aircon’s Thermostat Is Working Correctly

Check your air conditioning unit’s thermostat if it is adjusted to your preferences because when the temperature level is too low, that could also be a reason why your unit is unable to blow out cold air.


Check Your Unit’s Circuit Breakers

Inspect the circuit box when turning on your air conditioner unit to check for a power trip. Wiring issues can affect your unit to stop working properly. When this happens, it is best to consider getting your malfunctioning aircon repaired.


Clean Your Air Filters

Uncleaned aircon filters can cause blockage for air to pass through. If left untreated, this can damage your unit and create more air condition issues, like aircon leak resulting in a high power consumption.


Inspect Your Unit for Any Signs of Ice Buildup

Check for ice build-up inside your unit, for this can affect your aircon unit’s cooling capability. The reason why this happens is that the fan blower belt deteriorates and incurs damage to your unit.


Ways To Avoid Aircon Not Cold Problems


Investing in a good aircon unit like an inverter/non-inverter type lasts longer than other types. Below are some tips  that can help you maintain your unit for a long time:

Keep track of your scheduled annual aircon servicing in your area. By doing so, you can make your unit work efficiently. With aircon servicing, your air conditioner components are replaced, cleaned, and minor aircon issues will be repaired.

Even if there are no signs for aircon repair, keep your unit maintained, and inspect it so it can function well.



There could be many possible reasons why your aircon unit is not cold, like its air filters, ductwork, and many more, but we have provided the things you need to know to maintain your unit to keep them working efficiently by getting a professional aircon servicing company.


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