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5 Potential Solutions For Your Aircon Cooling Issues

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Aircon installations can provide you with much-needed comfort, especially during hot days. That said, its cooling capabilities can eventually weaken if it fails to undergo proper maintenance.  By taking note of the following methods, however, you can get your aircon working again without having to hire a professional to do an aircon repair.


Clean Your Aircon Filters


Among the primary reasons why an aircon may not be cold enough is an accumulation of dust and dirt on the aircon filters. In addition, this problem can cause the coils inside the aircon to freeze. If you think that too much dust and dirt has built up on your aircon filters, be sure to wash them as thoroughly as you can. For best results, you might want to wash your aircon filters every few months. Otherwise, contact an aircon servicing business to clean your aircon filters for you.


Check Your Thermostat


The programmable thermostat is responsible for determining the proper temperature of the aircon. Normally, the air conditioner lowers its temperature until the one specified on the thermostat is reached. In certain situations, however, the thermostat may set the incorrect temperature which eventually leads to the aircon not being cold. In that case, you will need to inspect it closely and relocate or replace it if necessary. 


Clean Your Aircon’s Interior


As time passes, dirt can accumulate on the many internal parts of the aircon unit such as the drains, evaporator coils, and other vital aircon parts. This eventually causes the airflow to decrease and leads to energy bills rapidly increasing as well. When this happens, therefore, It is advisable to hire a professional to open the unit so that the dirt and debris inside can be cleared. Once these are removed, your air conditioner will cool faster and will provide you with more aircon energy savings. In the event that regular aircon cleaning is inadequate, you can also request your trusted service provider to perform an aircon chemical overhaul.


Clean Your Aircon’s Compressor


The compressor is one of the main parts of the aircon which serves to reduce the volume of refrigerant before it passes through the condenser coil. When dirt and debris build up on this component, its efficiency eventually decreases. In order for it to work properly again, it is best to have an aircon maintenance company clean it via an aircon chemical overhaul


Clean Your Outdoor Unit


More often than not, the exterior unit of an inverter aircon becomes clogged with leaves, twigs, debris, and dirt. In such an event, it becomes very difficult for heat to transfer thereby causing the aircon’s performance to decline significantly. Thus, to prevent the outer unit from being clogged, you should not forget to wash it periodically. By doing so, you make it easier for heat exchange to take place. Because of the location and complexity of these external systems, Should you experience difficulty with this process, it is advised that you seek help from an air conditioning service


Call a Professional Aircon Servicing Company

On certain occasions, finding out the reason why your air conditioner is not cold enough may be difficult despite your best efforts. In case you fail to detect any other possible issues besides refrigerant leakage, compressor damage, or dirty air filters, it is recommended that you contact a competent aircon servicing company in Singapore that can help you diagnose your aircon problems. 



Some aircon cooling problems should be difficult to resolve. Thus, in the event that you are unable to identify the cause of your aircon’s issues, feel free to contact Everyworks Singapore. We can quickly diagnose and resolve any problems your aircon might be facing so it can provide you with as much cool and refreshing air in your home or workspace. 


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This article is reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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