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5 Methods for Preventing Aircon Leaking Water Issues

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Any home or workspace can experience severe damage as a result of an aircon water leak. Oftentimes, such an issue occurs if the evaporator coils, drains, and pipes are not maintained regularly. Fortunately, having regular aircon servicing done on your units can save you from possible water damage as well as increase their lifespan.

To prevent your aircon from dripping water in your home or office, here are some tips you can follow:  


1. Change The Air Filters Frequently

Having clean aircon filters is important in maintaining the overall performance of your aircon. Aircon filters can simply be washed with water and left to dry. However, replacing them completely is much more ideal. Aircon filters should preferably be replaced at least twice a year. Though you can also change them on a much more regular basis if you wish. 

Remember that changing your aircon filters is one of the best ways of preventing your aircon from malfunctioning. Not only that, but it can also prevent your unit’s coils from freezing so that you can have more aircon energy savings. Should you have trouble choosing new aircon filters, seek assistance from an air conditioning service


2. Clean Your Unit’s Condenser Yearly


To function correctly, an aircon unit needs sufficient airflow. In order to ensure this, you need to eliminate all dirt accumulated by the aircon condenser, fan motor, and printed circuit board. You must also see to it that there are no objects in the condenser and other exterior components which might impede airflow. For convenience, hire technicians who provide aircon repairs and have them clean your aircon condenser for you. 


3. Maintain The Drain Line

One way of checking why your aircon is leaking water is to see if there is enough water being carried by your drain line. If not, it is likely that this may be the cause of your water leak issues. In that case, you may want to have the holes of your aircon fan coil drainage cleaned. These holes are normally located on the base of the unit. Thus, you might want to use a thin wire to poke through them and rid them of dirt. 

How to Unclog Your Unit’s Drain Line

In many cases, a drain line can cause water leaks due to being obstructed by mineral deposits, algae, and soil. At times, there may even be a buildup of mildew or mold. In order to unclog your drain line, you can simply do normal aircon servicing by connecting a vacuum to the drain line to eradicate any unwanted dirt. In case your drain line malfunctions, you can simply fit an overflow detection system so it can automatically shut down the alternating current. Should this method fail to resolve your aircon leak problems, you may need to have an aircon technician perform an aircon chemical overhaul.


4. Have A Condensation Pump Installed

One of the main reasons why an aircon can leak is because of excess water that has accumulated inside the unit. In that event, installing a condensation pump to your aircon system will allow the excess water to flow to the correct disposal drain. Aside from that, you can also fit a safety float to disconnect the unit from its power source in case signs of condensation buildup are detected. That way, you can prevent your compressor from leaking. In order to prevent such a problem from happening in the first place, have your aircon installed by an aircon maintenance company so that your unit is properly connected.


5. Call A Professional To Inspect and Maintain Your System


Although this may seem like an expensive solution at first, hiring an aircon maintenance company to oversee your aircon system will save you much money in the long term. Conducting an aircon repair and inspection may be difficult for those without relevant experience and can prove extremely overwhelming and difficult. By hiring an expert to do the job, however, you can see to it that all problems with your aircon are detected and resolved immediately. They will also be able to fix any defective components easily whether they be your aircon compressors, ductwork, or even your programmable thermostat.



Preventing aircon water leak issues early saves you more money and time as compared to leaving them unattended and delaying the required maintenance work. Thus, be sure to take note of the preventive measures listed above so you can prolong the lifespan of your aircon unit. It is also advisable to seek the help of a professional aircon servicing company like Everyworks Singapore to check your units regularly for any aircon repair symptoms


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